Harvey Lathe
Anyone have one of these, or any experience with one?  While made in China, it does seem to be a lot of bang for the buck.  Any comments would be appreciated for someone who is in the market for a new lathe.  Thanks as always...
The woodturning club here has the one hp model. Most here don’t like it. They say it’s “weak”.
What do you expect from a 1 Hp lathe?
Thanks EF.  In our woodturning club, we have one guy who is a retired Lockheed Martin aerospace engineer, and he loves his 1 HP Harvey.  I am in the market for new lathe, want to buy a little above my pay grade, and Harvey's bigger of their two lathes has IMO a great deal of bang for the buck.  I would feel better about spending a few thousand bucks if it wasn't made in China.  Thx again.
just throwin' it out there, but i recently got a record power coronet herald, and i love it.  got mine from highland woodworking.

"stratos" makes some really nice stuff too . . . not sure how difficult it'd be to get in the US.

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