Universal Shooting Board - 2023 Update
Someone on another forum asked to buy one of my Universal Shooting Boards. The current price for the PlumaPly I had been using made Baltic birch look like an attractive alternative. I had stayed away from BB because I didn't like the friction characteristics of it, and MDF as not having long term durability or moisture resistance. So I settled on BB plus Formica glued to the top of the plane ramps and front and back ends, as well, to reinforce the pin and knob holes. Turns out I like both how well the plane rides on the Formica and also the looks. I had been thinking for some time about improving the pivot stop system, too, so I added a new UHMW bushing for the pivot bearing to ride in, which makes it super smooth. The request also including the provision to add inserts so a LV shooting plane ramp could be added in the future, if desired. I took that opportunity to develop my own, alternative, plane fence guide.

Overall dimensions are 18" x 24", with the bed being 10" wide. This is what it looks like now in miter form:

[Image: AMWts8CFM7UoBZKXNO5acSrzmJk6MRzHPqAmymL9...authuser=1]

The replaceable and adjustable front fences, along with the pivot geometry, assure the edge of the pivot stop remains tight to the plane at all angles to eliminate chipout.

[Image: AMWts8Bui2z2aalzylZ3YPa-FY5LRkW7ZGMaBGsM...authuser=1]

[Image: AMWts8ABUlGSaHJayMuluAzWEJig72-Arfj_HYsv...authuser=1]

In bevel mode the same benefit is achieved using the bevel stop:

[Image: AMWts8DBmjx76oPDyb4akzREPns0rv-NTlvN3GCM...authuser=1]

The dowel pins index into holes in the end bearing at 22.5, 30, and 45 degrees, but you can dial in any angle by removing the pin; the hand knobs on both ends hold the ramp tightly. Any angle of miter and bevel, alone or in combination, is possible and easily achieved.

You can see the LV inserts in the plane ramps. I used the outer two to add my own plane fence. It will accommodate planes like my Bailey #6 at 1-7/8" wide up to those 2-1/4" wide.

A fixed 45 deg fence and a length stop system also are available.

[Image: AMWts8A4bN3VMgCyDJmywNjREwOSBzostVWJsNdd...authuser=1]

[Image: AMWts8CU0n5lZUDIEs5zLjaS3z3PtvcXjBcJCBd5...authuser=1]

One integrated system that can handle any shooting board need.

That thing looks awesome John! Great job!

John, it looks like you thought of everything.
That's pretty cool and very well done.  I don't even have much of a need and I want one.  
Big Grin
If you are going down a river at 2 mph and your canoe loses a wheel, how much pancake mix would you need to shingle your roof?

(03-08-2023, 09:43 AM)Bill Wilson Wrote: That's pretty cool and very well done.  I don't even have much of a need and I want one.  
Big Grin

That's funny.  Lots of folks have shops filled with tools and jigs they wanted but don't need.  Why should you be any different?  It'll impress your friends.  You can tell them it's your design, too.  I won't mind.  

I recently built a couple of shooting boards. For what John is asking, his product is a bargain!
this is VERY cool!

how much do you sell this for?
Very sophisticated and versatile. You may want to post a link to this thread in the Hand Tools Forum.
Still Learning,

Allan Hill
(03-09-2023, 11:10 AM)mound Wrote: this is VERY cool!

how much do you sell this for?

The Universal shooting board with the miter and bevel stops is $450, including shipping.  The length stop is $60, the two plane fences and the 45 deg fixed fence are each $40. 

If you don't need everything it can do, I sell another board with the adjustable miter function, again on both the left and right side, for $175 including shipping.  A fixed angle 45 deg bevel ramp is available for that board, as well as the other accessories.  That shooting board looks like this.

[Image: AMWts8BmihWwLIw_ijag58HwOpnT38cYlZUfmvln...authuser=1]

And with the fixed 45 deg bevel system:

[Image: AMWts8D9qL_qGUveQPkkmvwa3fdPV9haC9m_mzlS...authuser=1]

When the inventory of these boards is gone, I will upgrade it like the Universal shooting board with Baltic birch plywood and Formica on the plane ramps, and the improved pivot bearing system.  The plane ramps will be wider and include inserts for the LV shooting ramps or my plane fences.  It will be priced at $225, with the same accessories available.  


I made a video of the Universal Shooting Board to show the features and benefits in action.  The board in this video is the original since the new model is now with its happy customer.  



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