Rabbet Router Bits
I haven't been on in some time. I took a step back and am now getting back into some projects. I need a rabbet router bit and am looking for some guidance. I see that there are sets available with multiple bearing sizes for different rabbet sizes. I'm looking at Whiteside 1955, Amana 49350, and Freud 32524. Which do you like? Are there others I should be looking at. Would you buy used if you could find them?
I’ve got a Whiteside 1/4” shank set for my laminate trimmers/compact routers and an Amana 1/2” shank set for my big boy routers. Don’t know the set numbers but both are excellent. I would never buy used router bits.
I have 2. One is 1 3/8" D and one is 1 1/4" D. With a set of bearings, I can do rabbets in 1/16" increments. One of the best things I bought.
I no longer build museums but don't want to change my name. My new job is a lot less stressful. Life is much better.

Thanks for the responses. I bought the Freud set off Amazon. They had a sale on it plus I found an online coupon for a good price.
You did well. All three of those choices are very good quality and you couldn’t go wrong with any of them. Buying on price was smart.
Any free advice given is worth double price paid.
Where did you find a coupon

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