Moen soaking tub cold water cartridge
There is only a dribble of cold water when faucet is on full. I think the cartridge needs replaced.

Instructions are here Moen cartridge replacement . Mine starts at picture 5a. No water leaks. The cartridge remains in place when the retaining nut is removed, i.e. water pressure is not enough to remove cartridge.

With water off, I could not remove cartridge as shown in instructions. Too tight.

Had a plumber look and he was concerned about breaking the cartridge in half and starting a leak. I don't have access to the access door. So if it breaks, I'd have to cut an access door and water off until it is fixed.

Picture of cartridge in place.


I used pliers to grasp this extension, but cartridge didn't budge. The extension screws into the top of the cartridge.


Would lubricant be effective at loosening the cartridge? Maybe I just have to yank on it harder? Or make up a metal extension to which I can apply more force?

We have Moen (MOAN!) cartridge shower controls, which are different from yours but with the same stickiness over time.  With our crappy city water the max lifetime is 5-6 years, and every time I have a time (!) getting the old cartridge out and the pipe cleaned up.  PB Blaster or WD40 sprayed in there definitely helps, and I remember once using vinegar to loosen the crud.  I fashioned a pry system using needle-nosed Vicegrips to grasp a solid part and then slowly applying pressure.

After getting the old one out, spend some time cleaning up the seat.  A little waterproof lube also is a good idea.

Moen makes cartridge removal tools. I used this one for my shower/ tub valve.

Danco 86712 Moen Cartridge Puller, Pack of 1, Silver - Faucet Cartridges -

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I couldn't remove the cartridge because the retainer was still in. I thought the retainer was a different piece I had already removed. Instead, it was only an adapter that the decorative piece threaded onto. Once I removed the retainer, the cartridge came out easily.
I hope you got a new cartridge for a Roman tub and not a shower/tub or faucet otherwise it’s not going to work.
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