Ridgid R4331 planer issue
I had a Ridgid planer replaced under warranty. I have planed about 2 dozen boards and it had developed an issue- when running a boat thru the board will stop momentarily- just a quick stutter. This can happen every 3 or 4 inches, or maybe several feet.
I swZpoed the blades around- no change.
Ash, 5 to 10 inches wide 1/32 cut- I tried 1/64 no change

First thing I would do is check the pressure rollers for any buildup and clean them if necessary. Then wipe the bed down with some mineral spirits to clean it and put some paste wax on it.
Waxing planer beds as Frank suggested is always good, helps a lot. Other than the width--how thick and long are the boards? Lunchbox planers will struggle to self-feed a lot of weight, just not made for it. If it's 8/4 and 4' long, should feed on a slick bed. 4/4, 8" wide, 10' long ash--gonna need some hand assistance to feed. Not a lot, just enough to keep it moving.
I waxed the bed before I started planing. I have only ran about a dozen boards thru, maybe 4 passes per board. They are & foot, 4/4.
I have been planning material for years, and understand that with dull blades a little bit of help is needed.
I will apply wax again, and check the rollers.
The issue is almost like the rollers are briefly stopping.
I am going to try to get with Ridgid customer support, but was hoping someone here may have had a similar experience.
I should have included more info in my original post

Thanks for the responses

The only time I've had a lunchbox planer apart was a Delta I had probably 20 years ago now. I took the gearbox apart and the feed rollers were chain driven by a gear on the cutterhead. Yours is probably a similar setup but by now I'm sure it's belt driven. You might need to adjust the tension on the belt or the belt may be damaged.

Actually, I just found this video of a guy replacing the drive belt on that planer. At about the 2:39 mark in the video you can see the chain I'm talking about down on the lower right. That's the chain that drives the feed rollers.


Hope this helps.

Thanks Frank. I hope I don’t need to replace a belt on a brand new machine- but I will look at it.

(03-15-2023, 06:32 PM)goaliedad Wrote: Thanks Frank.  I hope I don’t need to replace a belt on a brand new machine- but I will look at it.

I wasn't suggesting replacing the belt, I linked to the video so you could see the chain that drives the feed rolls. I was actually surprised that they still used a chain so I'd doubt the feed rolls stop turning during the cut. 

Could there be a flat spot on one of the feed rollers causing it to slip? Maybe a defect from the factory?
Good info- thanks Frank

If you've registered your planer, shouldn't Ridgid offer you lifetime warranty? My shop pal once had a broken chain issue, and it was fixed by a Ridgid appointed repair shop.

pull the side cover and watch the drive chains when lumbers going through.

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