Box#3, a bit different sort of box..
Instead of a will have a pair of doors....
Sorted through the stack of parts...looking for enough to make the doors with..
Figured I'd start with the doors, and size the rest to them...
Jointed matching edges...then cross cut for length from those straightened edges..then glue up a panel
Then do the second door, same as the first...
and set these aside, for now...
And, see about 2 sides and 2 ends....sides were the easy part...just rip a board right down the center..
Maybe clean up the saw marks along the edges...
But...needed to flatten things out a bit..
Hmmm....we have ways..
That was the 2 sides...the 2 blanks for the ends?
Would be a different story...
Stay tuned....
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
The 2 blanks for the ends...shorter one was too bad, a bit of clean up with the plane was about it...the longer one?  The more I worked on it, trying to get it flat, the thinner it became, until I simply scrapped it...Did not have another blank long enough to replace it, that matched the thickness I
This is called a kerf cut. tablesaw can not reach high enough to meet in the middle...Set the fence to leave just over the thickness I needed..then the hand saw took it from here..
Old D8 ( no hyphen) rip saw..a little Cardio for the day...results?
This is the blank I was trying to match up to...

Then cut away what didn't match for size...length and width...and cutting for best look...
Waiting to see what size I need to make the box....doors are about ready to clean up..
Get these 2 squared up, and flat...then milled for bread board ends...and then..
Where the 2 doors meet, they will lap.  

Wednesday was Pay Day...bills to pay shopping to do..and a stop at Hobby Lobby to replenish the stash of hardware...
So..will see how things go, today...
Stay tuned...
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
4 squared this morning..
Match up for grain details..
getting the bread board end blanks ready
Milled tongues on the ends of the door panels...then used this set up to mill the grooves..
And that is door #1 in the clamps, waiting on glue to dry.  Door #2?
Is sitting over on the bench, for now...Details?
Sometime around 1800 or 1900 hours, I'll head back to the shop...and clean them up...maybe tomorrow, I can start on the 4 sides of this project..

Stay tuned..
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
Doors have been cleaned up, bread board ends have been trimmed.  Everything is flat...made a few cuts on the tablesaw..
Had to double check which cut went where...
I think a latch will go about in the center...

Now that the doors are to final size...I can cut the 4 box sides to size..
And see how big a box we are looking at...
Then lay the doors on top...
Rather plain looking...just don't stare too long at the grain might see something, that isn't there..

Set the doors aside, for now..lay out some Lay out tools..
Chisel as a "layout tool"?   yep, it sets the spaces for the fingers..
Then I need a saw of some sort..
Mr Jackson seems to fit the job... up...some chopping to do..

Stay tuned...
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
I set up a chopping block on the bench...
Sitting right over the top of the bench's leg...screwed down.   Then a clamp to hold the part still...
Chop from both faces, until...
Clean this up, then..
Trace around each finger with a sharp pencil...saw and chop the waste out..and try a dry fit..
Pare to get a better fit.   Then repeat for corner #2...
So...later today, I'll see about the other 2 corners.   I also need to see about a few dados, to hold a couple shelves/dividers....

Stay tuned...
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
All 4 corners are now done...and dry fitted together..
Stepping off into 3rds..because..
These need to be set into dados...
Laid out...yep, right went I let go to push the shutter button on the board slid a,
Knife a few lines...Then chop those lines with a 1" wide chisel to deepen the lines...and a 1/4" wide chisel to remove the waste..
And a router plane to level the floor of the dado...dry fit?
1 done, 3 to go...

That done, tried a dry fit of all the parts....shelves were about a 1/16" or so too long..or..the dados weren't deep enough..was easier to buzz the end of the shelves a little bit, and try again..
No glue, yet....the hardest part will be to get this pulled into square, once the glue-up starts in, later today.....we have ways..
Right now, this dry fit is squared up.....I need to tear this all done, make some cauls, get a brush for the glue....and a few more clamps.....

I am sure there will be cussing involved....all them clamps, and cauls..and just 2 hands available?   Hmmm...and only 1 cold beer in the fridge?  

Stay tuned..there may be a "Blue Streak" coming from the shop...wish me luck..
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
So, right after Lunch, an assembly table ready.
All the clamps were removed...
Needs to be taken to the assembly table..knocked apart and set out in order...clamps were laid out, either close to hand..
Or, hung up close about 2 steps away..
And all set up to go...Had a mallet to assist the stubborn parts along
Bottle of glue at the ready, along with a H-F Acid Brush to moosh the blobs of glue into place

Once things start..there is no stopping to take a picture..
Should be enough...check for square?
If not, pull until it is...

Over on the bench, there is a blank for the back of this thing...
Will need to trim it for size, once the box comes back out of the the mean time..
Need to put most of the toys away...ya think?
Stay tuned..
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
Box is out of the clamps...
Checked to see how the doors look..
Will install hinges after a bit...first..need to trim the panel for the back to size..
Cutting gauge to mark a line deep enough for the saw to follow..

Then repeat on the end ...
Spread some glue around, and clamp the panel to the back of the box...
Will let this sit a day..
Tomorrow, I'll clean it up, see about those hinges..and start on a stand...

Stay tuned...
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
Those clamps have been removed..and the back of the box has been cleaned up...Front edges of the box have been leveled...
Things were checked for square
Couple corners needed leveled up..
We have ways...had thought about adding the doors, even laid out the hinges..
Had also laid out a few pieces of scrap...
Decided to build something this box/cabinet could stand on....made up a pattern, and cut one piece, to see how it looked..
The hard part, to cut the matching one, so that they did indeed ...match..

Needed a way to attach these 2 to the bottom of the case....searched through the stack of leftovers, found a decent piece of Pine...beveled the ends..
Then did a glue-up of the 3 parts...
(back right leg is sitting on the arm of a square, BTW)
So, later today, these clamps can come off, get everything cleaned and leveled....drill a couple countersink holes...and attach the "Stand" to the bottom of the Cabinet..

May add a bit of glue, while I am at it.....still need to install the hinges to the case and the doors,,a couple knob to the doors, and a latch...
Maybe a couple of stain?   We'll see..stay tuned...
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
Breadbox ends on the doors, AND a stand?! You weren't kidding about the "different"! Looks really nice.

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