Educate me- CA adhesive and activator
(04-08-2023, 06:52 PM)JohnnyEgo Wrote: As an off-label use case, I keep a bottle of the thin stuff on top of my first aid kit as a liquid band aid for life's little misadventures. Seals up a bleeder fast, and I like to think of the exothermic reaction as bonus cauterization. The burning sensation let's you know it is working!

Awesome! Thanks,

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Starbond thin ca glue clogged tip. Put tip on block of wood and cut tip with knife. Ca glue shot 3' accross bench! Glad my eyes wern't in the path!
And no I wasn't squeezing it.
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A search using your favorite search engine can answer most of your questions in seconds.

Such as:
  • CA glue cures when exposed to water not oxygen. The activator is usually a mixture of alcohol and water and probably other "proprietary"  ingredients (How much does that alcohol and water cost?)
  • CA glue does not contain cyanide. The root "cyano" in the term cyanoacrylate refers to the use of cyanoacrylic acid in the formulation of the glue.
  • The liquid glue and vapor are not toxic. If they were how could it be used to close wounds?
  • The vapor is an irritant and some people can develop an allergic reaction. Use appropriate PPE (mask, goggles, gloves).
  • Using CA glue on cotton, wool, leather, some other natural, fiberglass, carbon fiber can result in a powerful exothermic reaction that can result in burns and/or irritating white smoke.
As many have said above, CA glue has it's place in woodworking but it is not a replacement for any glue specifically formulated for woodworking. Glue is a tool. Use the right tool for the right purpose.


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