Old Tools haul, my first in a long while
Out of the blue today, LOMLs' oldest son called and alerted me to " a guy selling old tools out of a trailer in a parking lot ."

     Now , this particular parking lot, every Sunday when the weather is good, is the location of an ad hoc, very unofficial, car
show.  Guys and gals just show up and park and hang around, shoot the breeze, etc.  Sometimes there is few, sometimes there
is a crowd.   Today, there was a decent showing, a fundraiser barbecue, and a separate pop up food truck.   

     And, the guy I was looking for, who had multiple tables set up with crates of tools of all trades and vintages. Some was 
your typical garage/yard sale stuff, some was pretty used up , some was really nice.

     I parted with a bit of money out of my discretionary tool fund.  And this was the result:




  Stanley No 3 handplane, good condition, sharp blade, needs clean up and some rust removal

  Stearns Tenon/Dowel/Spoke cutter for hand brace

  Wood handled hack saw  ,  Undetermined maker at present

  Axe handle      needed for an old Pulaski badly in need of one

  Dividers, about eight inches long, very good shape, maker unknown for now

  Four fold rule, completely encased on all edges in brass,  clean up will probably disclose maker

  Plano box full of heat shrink tubing

  Greenfield Tap and Die Set

  and the big find, a base chest for my larger Kennedy Tool Chest.    This one alone was worth driving over

  Guy tells me he and his grandson ( who helped carry stuff to my truck ) do this for fun and a bit of profit.
  I will be seeing him again.

Big Grin
Mark Singleton

Bene vivendo est optimum vindictae

The Laws of Physics do not care about your Politics   -  Me
My first reaction when I saw that saw was that it was a meat saw - but, looking at the blade attachments, it's clearly a hacksaw.  Cool find.  Lots of cool finds, actually.

Wing dividers, like your purchase, are better for woodworkers, in my opinion, than machinist's screw-adjusted dividers: faster to set, and well within the precision needed for woodworking.

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