Road Trip
Thought I would drive over to Mount Victory, OH.  and see what the stores had in the way of antique tool....There is like 5 or 6 right downtown....except I chose the day all would be closed..grrrr..had to wait a bit....before heading south....seems CSX RR decided to seem a 2 mile long train, heading East bound...

Headed south on Rt. 31   because right across from The Plaza a place call Eastman Antiques.    Sign in the door said OPEN...below that was a sign with a phone number, to the house right behind the that number, and she would be right out to open the "Main Building" the meantime, I walked around back to the "Back Barn"...noticed a "Spool Table" with a few planes sitting on it....Hmmm

The No. 3 had a steel frog and Lever cap, so did one of the 2 no.4s sitting there....the other #4 was a Stanley Handyman....there was a couple transitional Jack planes...that I did not really need.   On the floor down below were 2 Coffin Smoothers...looking  a bit too worn for wear....However..
There was this low angle block plane..tag said $15.00  Funny, I did pick it up to look at it...and then just could not set it back down..
Once I got it back home to look it over better...turned out this is an early model No. 65...BEFORE the Knuckle cap era...

Gal met at the main front door, asked her about any old tools...was led back to a shelf with 6 marking gauges and a molding plane..One of the marking gauge caught my eye ( and a finger tip, or two)  And, no price, she looked through the ones with a price tag...and came up with a price....$10....So, between the 2 items and Ohio Sales Tax..I was up to $26 and change.....molding plane can wait until another day...

Cleaned up the 65 and set it beside the Shop's 60-1/2..

As for that marking gauge..
Rosewood and brass Stanley No. 77.....
With the "Handle Bar" wear strip in Brass..
Not too bad of a day?
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that

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