Basement egress Window replacement
I have 3 basement egress windows in unfinished basement. I would like these to be replaced.
These are as in the attached picture
These have 2 clips on top , when released the entire window pop out.
I did some search locally and could not find anyone who can replace similar windows, I am still looking, hope to find a solution 

Anyone here had same issue? any feedback?


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Those are aluminum? If so, the flange is probably mortared in or they are screwed into the block/mortar. They aren't difficult to replace. The frames are generally cut out with a sawzall. But I see insulation peaking through. Maybe they aren't set in mortar?

With the sash(s) open: An egress opening has to be 5.7 square feet of clear opening with a min 20" wide and 24" tall clear opening. The sill can be no higher than 44" off the finished floor. Keep in mind that the egress requirement only applies if the room is a bedroom. Not required for any other room or an unfinished basement.

I don't know the size of your window but you would usually order a vinyl Replacement window to fit the opening. Screw it in and caulk the edges inside and out. It could be a casement, slider or a double hung. Sometimes the width doesn't allow for a double casement or slider or the window well won't allow for a single casement to swing all the way open. In that case you would buy a casement that meets the egress requirement and order it mulled it to a fixed window with the total height and width fitting the rough opening. The fixed window would probably be a good bit narrower than the casement side.

I guess those clips allow it to be opened from the top? I've never seen those before.
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