killing bamboo plants
Forgot to add that I took my old lawnboy mower out. It has a bagger and I may cover the tarp with clippings.
(05-03-2023, 09:38 AM)JDuke Wrote: Good luck getting a panda, isn’t china taking theirs back?

What about goats?  Don't they eat everything?
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3 days of cutting the stalks to the ground and dabbing the fresh cut stalk ends with roundup. This was a stand about 100ft x 60f at it's widest. finished yesterday. I waited till all the new spring shoots were up... btw, some of the new shoots were already 20ft+ tall. I went through this process on the other side of the house starting about 3 years ago. I only had 2 new shoots this year so it's almost done. I dig out the new shoots and chase the runners/rhyzome and pulled them out. They are now small and fragile. Unlike when I started, the runners were large and durable.

This patch is a lot bigger so I'll have to be vigilant and make sure I find and cut all the new shoots over the next few years.

[Image: hpe7Z3B.jpg]

[Image: 29pzKKw.jpg]

This entire area was bamboo. No light showed through. Now we have light.

[Image: ZuhvOqA.jpg]
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