Dewalt 735 -- Two Questions
You know how you find random nuts, bolts and stuff on the floor of your shop and you stick them somewhere safe because eventually you'll figure out what they came from? I just figured out that the bolt/spring thing I found a while back came from my DW735 planer tables.  But now I can't find that safe place I put it.
Question 1 -- do you know where I can get replacement parts for the planer? I've called DW customer service a few times, and the message says that no one is available to answer customers calls. (Never mind. found it on-line.)

Question 2 -- When I feed stock into my DW735, as the roller engages, the piece dips down and then up before it flattens out and heads through. And sometimes, there's a bit of resistance and I need to put it through on a slight angle.  (I haven't used the planer in about 4 years.  It's been sitting in storage.)  I'm guessing that this isn't normal and I should open it up and take a look?  It's planing pretty well, with only a slight bit of snipe on some wider boards.

Bonus question: Will a Shelix make a significant difference in the noise?

Thanks in advance!

For #2, clean & wax the bed/tables. Even if they are shiny & feel slick, my 735 loves fresh paste wax. When feeding, keep a little upward pressure on your workpiece, at least until it engages the second roller, then do the same on the outfeed side while it's still under both rollers. Wear a pedometer, though it really feels like more steps than it is.

Bonus answer--Shelix head reduced the noise, but not enough to matter for ear protection. Probably has been quantified, but i saw no need to learn the specifics--it's still too loud to not use my muffs. Definitely a step up in the tear-out, and i'm guessing that mine has easily paid for itself in not buying knives. After 7 or 8 years (maybe 9?) i should probably do the first rotation of the cutters.
"Bonus question: Will a Shelix make a significant difference in the noise?"

Yes. It will cut down the noise almost to the level of noise when the board isn't running through. The fan is still loud and hearing protection is still needed as Greenacres said.

However, it will make a huge difference in cut quality. I used to hate curly maple and now I really like it. The cutters last much longer than the blades. I got my cutter from Grizzly and it has worked well for me.
Project Website  Adding new stuff all of the time.
Thanks. I’m now working out of my garage, and the wife is not happy with the planer. I may try a Agelis upgrade.


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