Blade Guard on Grizz GO513 BS
I find the red blade guard on my Grizz GO 513 is always in the way. It interferes with setting up the guides. It gets in the way of cuts. Do folks ever just remove these and get rid of them?

David,  can you post a photo?  I have that saw, and while I cut a slot in it so I could get a better view of the thrust bearing when setting it, I don't find that the guard gets in the way of using the saw.
I used to have the same saw, I now have the X2B (brake) version, pretty sure the blade guard is the same. I don't recall it having been in the way of cuts but it is kinda in the way to see in there. When adjusting the side guides I put one layer of masking tape which is .004" thick about 4" long on the blade. Then rotate the top wheel back & forth as I move the bearings side to side. When they both barely move they're good to go. I also replaced the allen set screws with thumb screws on the top guides. They don't fit on the bottom (grrrrrrrr).

As quiet as those saws are, it is easy to forget it's running or spinning down without a brake, especially with ear protection. I almost stuck my hand in the blade coasting down some years ago, that's why I now have the version with a brake.


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I think the vast majority of people's blade guards are removed. The old ones with built in splitters are awful things.

A dust hood doubles as a blade guard, even so, mine is never in use for anything other than sheet goods, especially MDF>
Thanks. I’ll play with it tonight and see if it’s getting in the way of cuts. Maybe I’m mis-remembering.


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