Veritas, Lie Nielsen, Microfence, Akeda, etc
Trying to clear up more space.  All prices include shipping.  Paypal + fees or USPS money order

SOLD Set of Veritas spokes shave.  Flat, Round and Concave.  I believe the blades are A2 as they’re pretty old but am not sure. Good condition but some nicks on the handles  $110 each or $300 for all 3.  SOLD

SOLD Woodpeckers 6" rule and tiny square.  The rule has regular and center markings.  The square is great for checking squareness of chisels often without having to remove from honing guide.  Only selling as a pair.  $40 for both. SOLD

Bridge City Saddle Square.  $85

Microfence Edge and Circle guide.  Model A mounting bar for the edge guide.  Comes with stabilizer, universal router plate, uhmw guide for true grip clamps (although it does seem to fit my festool rails as well).  Comes only with what is pictured.  I may have other parts and will look today and take pics.   $350

SOLD Lie Nielsen Butt Mortise plane.  $150 SOLD

Set of 3 Bridge City Squares.  A nick on the the corner of one of the squares as pictured.  $300

Micro Fence Grr-ripper and pusher and magnetic featherboard.  The pusher is great to use on the jointer or router table.  $135

Akeda Dovetail jig.  This one is local pickup only in SoCal.  I believe all the parts are there but I never put it together to make certain.  $300

Ridgid Cordless router and 2 batteries.  The batteries were reconditioned but still hold a charge.  $100

Infinity Coping sled.  One has a phenolic base and the other has a aluminum base.  The aluminum one has a miter bar on the underside (which could be removed).  This one also has some slight rust on the screws but only on the surface.  Might have to take these apart to fit in a box but will screw back on together easily.  $85 for the pheonlic and $135 for the aluminum

Milwaukee 3/8" crown Stapler.  Never used.  $100

Woodpecker lapping plate.  3 lapping plates along with a set of abrasives.  $75

Igaging  4 piece combination square.  $55

Tormek Planer sharpening Jig SVH-320  $150

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You don't have a price set for the MicroFence.  I sent you a PM
more pics..............................

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more pics.................................

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I’d like the woodpecker stuff if still available. Sending PM.

Dave in Denver
Last pics............................................

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Is the Akeda the 16" or 24"?  Just curious since not shippable.
(05-09-2023, 08:57 AM)fgarvin Wrote: Is the Akeda the 16" or 24"?  Just curious since not shippable.

I'll take the set of 3 Veritas spokeshaves if stilll available, PM sent
(05-09-2023, 07:59 AM)Eric Commarato Wrote: You don't have a price set for the MicroFence.  I sent you a PM

Decided to sell my other microfence.  This one is by itself no circle jig.  Just realized I'm not sure which model the mounting bar is for.  I'll have to check  Asking $100

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