Rainwater Filter System
(05-13-2023, 06:00 PM)blackhat Wrote: No way I would try to make a rainwater supply potable. Too many variations in contaminant sources and quantity. A simple particulate filter, no waste water and no power consumption to get tap water and haul jugs of drinking water.

There are thousands of cisterns that people use for potable water.  Why not ask your county health department for what you need.  
There are and have been for centuries. You understand the risks or you don’t. You accept the risks or you don’t. I simply mentioned an alternative that I am more comfortable with and some advantages of my suggestion. 

I have no information on the OP’s intended usage or system capacity. He should make an informed decision by weighing all his options against his needs.

Bad experiences come from poor decisions. So do good stories. 

Again, rain water is potable. What happens to it during and after collection is another matter. Just like well water, collect the water and test it. The test report will tell you what you need to do. Maybe treat it for bacteria, filter it etc. If I were going to store and drink it, I'd probably store some for a while and then test it.

I've installed a lot of water treatment systems... doing one right now but I don't do anything until I know what needs doing and the test will tell me what I need to know.
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(05-12-2023, 12:11 PM)jamesglenn Wrote: Thanks for the replies.

EightFingers: Any manufacturer's you recommend? I've see numerous versions, but would like something decent and trustworthy? 
I was looking at the Viqua or the MInipure for UV filters paired with a Rainflo pump system.

Do you think there is any need for a reverse osmosis filter at the sink?


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