Shot myself
Done the finish nail in the finger thing once, which made me reconsider many other possible similar incidents and decide to change the hand position.

Best(or worst save for 1/2" of pure luck) was when framing a wall flat on a floor. Was using my clipped head framing nailer shooting coated framing nails. LOML and the friend for whom I was doing the work started asking me something---interrupting me while working was something LOML knew was not a good idea. I was bent over and fired two nails. I was used to hearing the sound of the nailer sinking nails in the framing lumber(many hours of using that nailer) and realized the last nail did not go into the wood.

I started searching for where the nail was and discovered it sunk into the sole of my tennis shoe, parallel to my foot just behind the big toe to foot joint.

Needless to add is the fact both women disappeared upstairs for the rest of the evening.

You're in good company, though.  I've cut perfect circles on the pads on my fingers with the ends of bolts that I trimmed but didn't sand soft after driving them into threaded inserts. 

I also drilled through a board a few months back and sliced through the side of my finger

Twenty-ish years ago, drilling through a wooden aquarium hood, I got six stitches when the bit broke through and my hand slammed against the sharp pressed steel edge of the light fixture inside.  ER doc said I nearly severed a tendon!

Have a beer and take a break!
Semper fi,

Accidents happen. 6 years ago I was framing the house/shop that I am now living in. Framing the attached car port. I was up on top of 3 sections of scaffolding pulling up 20' 2x12 rafters. Getting the rafter in place holding it with 1 hand. I reached for the framing nail gun, I heard the gun go off. Never felt a thing but i saw the head of a 3 1/4" galvanized in the side of my knee. That wasn't the bad part. My partner leaned a 20' ladder against the side of the scaffolding. I climbed onto the ladder and he climbed up to help me down. The weight of the ladder and the 2 of us caused the scaffolding to tip over. I then fell to the ground, bounced off several scaffolding crosses. An ambulance ride to the hospital, about 1 hour drive. Had to have surgery to remove the nail and check if the nail hit the bone also to check the injury for Levi material. Ended up with 2 torn biceps and a sore knee. I found out latter my partner had set the nail gun to bump fire. I guess my finger must have been on the trigger. This happened on Friday. Monday morning I was back up on the scaffolding finishing the framing.
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(05-15-2023, 05:33 AM)KC Wrote: Putting together some planter boxes using 18ga nails and had a 'I probably shouldn't do that' moment... but did it anyway.  

Only enough brad to break the skin, but it was right on the fleshy part of the side of my hand at the base of the thumb... and the force of the nailer packs a powerful punch against that bone.  

Hurts like the dickens, but everything moves as it should so I'll hold the wife back for a couple days before I go get a picture taken.

Be careful out there!

"Be careful out there!" hence my handle. 
I'm glad you're OK. I always cringe when I see folks using a nailer when they have their hand on the other side or someone else is holding the other side. I've seen too many brads and even an 23 ga pin go right through to the other side.
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I once popped an 18 ga. 3/4" long brad through the tip of my index finger - fingernail, bone, and all.
Clamped the finger in a vise and pulled the brad out with a pair of vise grips.
It hurt for about a minute or two then the pain subsided to a soreness.  I went back to work
It was late on a Saturday night and the thought of sitting in the emergency room and dealing with a snippy receptionist about insurance papers plus the thought of the various Saturday night ER crowd was enough to motivate me to take a DIY approach.
My son was watching late night TV so I went in and showed him the brad sticking out of both sides of the finger.  He was about 14 at the time.  He's now 40 and he says he remembers it as clearly as if it were yesterday.

I've had a few nicks from a wandering nail head so I'm careful about that.  I've been using air nailers since the mid 1970s.
Framing nail curled and came back out and pinned my middle finger to a wall plate. Reached over and pulled my finger off, then finished nailing the plate.
Grabbed some masking tapes, poured some coke-a-cola on the finger and taped it up. Back to work...


The Revos apparently are designed to clamp railroad ties and pull together horrifically prepared joints
WaterlooMark 02/9/2020

Finished glazing a pane of glass and didn't see the one glazing point that was standing proud..until I slicked the fillet with my bare forefinger, that is...Piece of folded paper towel and some duct tape worked quickly and being that the cut was so clean, it knitted itself back together very quickly...toughest part was cleaning the excess and very iron rich hemoglobin from the window sash/sill...hope never to nail myself in any way shape or form...

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