Speed Square Recommendation?
At one time Empire speed squares were made in the U.S., Swanson in China. I don't know if that's still the case or not. That matters to some, doesn't matter to others.
Empire is still made in the US. Nice shiny blue as well.
(06-01-2023, 08:19 AM)David Stone Wrote: Greetings.  I’m looking for a speed square and don’t want to pay Woodpecker prices.  Any recommendations for one that’s precise but a reasonable price?

I recently bought the 4” and 7” iGaging Bench Squares from Taytools. Amazon also carries them. Cost *far* less than the Woodpecker version. I lined them up back to back with a Starrett combo square and I did the flip test. They were dead on accurate.
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Only thing I use my speed square for is rough cutting a piece off a board in the rack.
A combo square is much more usefull. I agree on the Swanson brand. I have a Starret 12" and a Swanson 6" combo squares. 95% of time use the 6" Swanson.
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Swanson or Empire. Don’t discount a 12” plastic either. If not square when purchased, a quick swipe with a file will true it.
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