curly walnut carcass
Haven't posted much, with regard to saws. I have been busy installing new windows and doors in my house as well as wiring, etc. etc. All that fun stuff. So I took the time to make a carcass saw for a return customer from almost 10 years ago. Wow, how time zips by. I also have been working on that folded back project from many moons ago that just kept getting pushed aside. So now, finally, I am able to make some stainless and other steel folded backs. Still needs refining, but I am working on it. If I am lucky, I may even finish my house by the time I am 90 y/o.

[Image: 52958232274_1ff8644089_b.jpg]IMG_4595 by Ron Bontz, on Flickr" />
[Image: 52957487382_b13c4e6e96.jpg]IMG_4596 by Ron Bontz, on Flickr
[Image: 52958515495_19e3d80a57.jpg]Future Stainless back dovetail by Ron Bontz, on Flickr
This little gizmo compresses both folded and slotted backs. The fixture was originally designed for a smaller press, but it just didn't have the tonnage required to compress the stainless backs to the radius intended. Soooo had to do a little modification. Would've liked to have gotten a bigger and better one, but then I already have a lack of space. ( and budget )
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[Image: 52958473800_f5b59d403b_n.jpg]20230604_210846 by Ron Bontz, on Flickr
Beautiful saw Ron!
Very , very , nice. Well done !
Mark Singleton

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Looks like the business is still very viable! Nice saw as usual. The handle is a work of art.
Still Learning,

Allan Hill
The saw is berautiful as allways, Ron, but I can't wait to see the folded Steel ones!

Take Care,
Very nice saw.

I have alot of crotch walnut that I was going to use for bowls/platters.  Maybe I should send you and Pedder some for saw handles.
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Oh man, that's gorgeous. Great work again, Ron.
Aram, always learning

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