Dust collector design question?
Found a whole house type vac with 2 motors last week, and the smaller size of the super dust deputy( I didn’t realize there were 2 sizes of the super dust deputy).

With the house vac on top of the super dust deputy it’s getting decent suction through a 4” hose and also decent pressure through 2.5” hose after the 4”. Haven’t gotten any numbers.

Also took a standard shop vac brand vacuum and hooked it into the mix pulling along with the house vac.
Measured the wind speed at the blade opening on the Sawstop.

With the delta DC through SDD it was just over 7MPH.
With the two vacuums it was 5.1MPH but definitely has higher pressures with the vac setup.

I’m not going to pay full price for shop vacs, but I am still keeping my eyes out for a few to gang together and see how workable I can make this.

Hope this helps someone else who doesn’t want to jump on the Oneida super cell yet.

So mounted atop a super dust deputy a 225sq ft pleated filter Merv 15 under a 30g trash can with 2 motors from a central vacuum mounted and the hose from a commercial shop vac pulling suction as well.

Can’t post pictures anymore apparently.

But the above configuration worked relatively well.
Pulled about 5.5mph at sawstop throat plate, was able to bump that up to 6.4mph with a shop vac motor directly replacing the commercial shop vac.

It pull’s enough volume to work fairly well as a dust collector, and has static pressure similar to a shop vac, like the supercell advertises.

I’m going to keep my eyes out for a central house vac, as I’m thinking adding a couple more of those motors in place of the shop vac would really bump up the performance.

I tried a Kirby vacuum as the 3rd motor, and it didn’t perform as well as with the shop vac.

Noise is certainly higher than a DC. It sounds as you might expect like 3 screaming vacuum cleaners at the same time.

So far I have $30 in the central vac, $150 in the filter, $30 in the trash can $100 in the Super dust deputy $15 in the 15g barrel that’s under the cyclone, so about $325 if you ignore the shop vac( I’m going to say $50 on the shop vac as there are 3 advertised for that locally on FB market)

So $375 roughly into this thing. And it seems every bit as good as the harbor freight DC that’s upgraded with pleated filter and rikon impeller, as well as a Thein too hat.


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