Charger for Porter Cable 18V Lithium Ion Battery
I recently picked up a Porter-Cable cordless hammer drill (PC1800CHD) along with a Porter Cable PC18BLX 1.3Ahr Lithium Ion battery at Goodwill for the princely sum of $9.49.  Both are in excellent working condition, but this did not come with a battery charger.  On investigating a bit, I found out that the battery charger part number is PCLMVC.

Charger - I thought I'd pick up a new one on Amazon and found that they have the equivalent of Part # PCXMVC, which works with both NiMH and Lithium.  Also, there seem to be two battery models (PC18B and PC18BLX), with the PC18B being a NiMH battery and the PC18BLX being a Li-Ion.  What is the difference between PCLMVC and PCXMVC ?  Is there some vendor who specializes in quality after-market chargers that I should be looking at ?  I don't want my battery catching fire or blowing up.

Battery - I am also looking for a 2Ahr to 3AHr Li-Ion battery as an additional/spare one, and am wondering whether there is any particular brand I ought to be looking at, from any specific vendor, so that I get something that works properly and lasts for a few years ?  I am not looking to spend a ton of money on this, as this will be my second drill (my primary is a 20V Max DeWalt brushless that serves me very well and I have a ton of batteries and chargers for that and all my other cordless 20V Max DeWalt brushless tools).

Would appreciate info - Thanks !
I don't know much about PC tools, anymore, but a friend of mine bought an adaptor to use his dewalt batteries in a dyson vacuum.
Would something like this adaptor work for you?

f so, you could use your existing batteries and charger.

There are a lot of other adaptors, if this one isn't right for you.
Unfortunately there are some battery operated tools that may or have continued support or availability of batteries.

My first experience with this was a 6 tool delta branded tool set that was on clearance at Lowe’s many years ago.

After both myself and my father buying sets we realized that they were being discontinued with no support from the manufacturer.

I used them until both my batteries died completely then had then rebuilt (not always an option with newer Li-ion batteries) and gave the set with batteries to my father.

Now adapters seem like a much better option.
I just got an adapter to use dewalt 20v batteries with Bauer tools from harbor freight just to see if there are some cheap Bauer tools that I want to incorporate into my battery tool stable.

I can see why you would go for such a deal, but I wouldn’t throw good money at getting their batteries even if you can find them.
I would pick a well supported platform that’s likely to have long term support, like dewalt or similar and look for an adapter.

I’m a dewalt fan and heavily invested into their 20v line.

Even dewalt has had their dogs. I have a dewalt 36v tracksaw that’s all but useless since dewalt hasn’t sold batteries for 36v in years.

Good luck

Oh and edit to add. I wish I’d seen the Dyson dewalt adapter before I replaced the battery in my Dyson
Thanks guys - much appreciated ! Since I have several DeWalt batteries, this adapter will come in handy.

However, I will still need a charger for the existing Porter Cable battery that I have, which seems to be in good working condition.
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I did a quick search and found this:

Whether it would make sense to spend $54.95 on a charger on a tool that you paid $9.95 for is another question only you can answer. This might be better: $33.69 from WalMart but it's 3rd party so who knows. It does have a 30 day return.

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