Just a quick & easy Rehab
Took maybe an hour...started with something rusty & Krusty..
Picked this about a year ago, for $1...
Decided to tear it down to just parts..
Grinder for the DULL edges...couple wire wheels for the rust removal....Witch's Brew for the handles..
Rub all the metal part with 3in1 oil...threads were cleaned up, and oiled up..
 Test drive?   Cuts weeds and hedges like warm butter..
Compare to just buying a new one of these?

BTW: I also got rid of that ugly orange paint.....not sure what brand name uses Orange paint.....Home Despot, maybe?
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
They look great restored.

Not sure about the orange paint. Didn't the Scotties home store use orange as well? I was still pretty young when they went under so my recollection may be fuzzy on that.
What is Witch's Brew?
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I like it when older tools can be restored. I have an old pair of scissors I've been using in the office for probably 25 years. They cut OK, but not as well as I would have liked. So, I took my diamond hone (yes I keep sharpening tools in my office at work), attacked the bevel, and they now provide a superb cut!
Still Learning,

Allan Hill
Witch's Brew: 
Old quart can

Pour into it any and all left overs Stains.....add a bit of Amber Shellac, as I has very little left in one can.

Stir until well blended...brush onto the Project....by the time you set the brush back down, use a rag to wipe it down.  

Can be top-coated with your choice.....More shellac, or maybe a Poly...

This way, I do not have to toss out cans of stain that still had a couple brushfuls left in them.
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that

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