New Organizer?
Ok...Back to the build-along,eh?  
Dry fit for a drawer...
Sides into a rebate on the ends of the drawer front...and
Plywood bottom sits in a rebate as well......Back of drawer is just a simple butt joint..
All done with glue metal fasteners were used...Let this sit a Saturday I had an Open House to go to..
Lost Art Press was having one, in Covington, KY.  

Got home (TIRED OUT! BUT HAPPY!) and took that drawer out of the clamps, cleaned it up a bit..test fit....hmmmm. had an 1/8" gap on BOTH ends?   Grrrrr, 1/16" I could tolerate...but....decided to add thin strip to both ends...just glue them onto  the drawer sides..
Front of the case sides is also End it should match up....tomorrow I can plane the "new" sides to fit a lot better than that gappy 1/8"...

Had a panel glued up for the also came out of the clamps this morning...sanded flat  as well as I could...then add Bread Board ends..
Using Tongue & groove Joints...
Letting this and the drawer "repair" sit a spell...while the shop cools back down...and me...

Stay tuned..while I decide which pair of handles to use on the 2 drawer (1 per drawer)
Plain, or...Fancy ones?
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
Bit of an up-date...
Before the Witch's Brew was brushed on...
Feet have been made and glued in place..
Square is just for "Scale"...

Brushed on, wiped down..
Allow to dry a day..then a coat of Amber Shellac...
Back side view...
Front corner view..
Opened up, chain stay for the lid...both drawers and the compartment floor have Green Felt for the tools to sit on..
And front to back?

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Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
Thanks for sharing another build-a-long, Bandit.  You are greatly appreciated for the builds, tool rehabs, and your knowledge of hand tools.

Just curious, how many boxes have you built for us; must be 15 plus.
"I tried being reasonable..........I didn't like it." Clint Eastwood

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