What's in that there box?
"Be careful what you ask for...."

At the bottom of the basement stairs...this is what meets your eyes..
Bit of a mess...so IF you turn to the left a bit..
Aisle #1, shared with the Laundry Room...
Cheap, plastic shelves?   In a Basement that can have a creek running across the floor after a BIG rainstorm ( Frog Drowner?) so..plywood will not hold up very long..
Shop's drill press, sitting on the stand I had to build for it...Beyond the white tubs, filled with drill bits, wire wheels and such..
There is a high shelf...plain pine box holds the branding iron..at the end of this shelf..
Another plastic shelf unit, and the well-worn Shop Stool...Look up just a tad..
Where all the finishing "Stuff" resides...among other things...fancy wood box has spokeshaves inside...
Hanging above the 1st cheap shelf unit...the longer F style clamps...further along that pipe..
Are all the 6" clamps...and a Jorgenson Mitre Box ( in meed of a new blade)
End of Part 1...stay tuned...
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
Although you may have see this area..
This is where most of the work gets done...there is a shelf with ready to use planes...I work down at the end with the Leg Vise and End vise....IF a LONG board shows up, I do have a Crochet down on the far end to help hold  things..
Beyond the bench, there is a til for the larger planes...doors are normally locked closed.   Just below this til..
When we first moved into this house, there was an OLD dresser sitting in the basement...one drawer was all that remained...decided it was a decent place to hang all the c clamps I use...5" on down....handles are files used in the shop.
IF you are standing facing the bench, a simple "About   FACE" and you can open the doors...it IS hard to take a photo of this cabinet with both doors opened...so..
Here is the rest of it.   Box is about a 3' square cube....3' high, by 3' wide...and is 18" deep, counting the insides of the doors.

Of note, back against a wall...besides the #346 Mitre Box & Saw..
And beyond the Langdon #75...is a "spare" Bandsaw ( 3 wheeler, 12")  and the Router table is use..
On the bottom shelf of the 1st shelf unit....
There is the shop's Scroll saw...13" tilting table.
And, the main reason I don't like open tils..
Anything I missed?
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
Thanks for the tour.  I count 15 boxes; is that about right?  IRRC, "the boss" claimed two.
"I tried being reasonable..........I didn't like it." Clint Eastwood
Thanks for the tour Bandit!
Mark Singleton

Bene vivendo est optimum vindictae

The Laws of Physics do not care about your Politics   -  Me
Been a "Box Maker" for over 40 years, now....might want to add a zero to the end of that 15....
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
Thanks for the tour, Bandit, AND all the build-alongs.

Frank S. in IA

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