PSA - Nova accessory pricing favorable in Canada
Just a heads up..if you have some way of getting goods cheaply from Canada to the US, some Nova accessories seem to be about 50% of the US price (after exchange rates).

I just got a Nova triple bearing live center kit.. $65 Canuck bucks or ~$50 US Nearly $100 US if bought domestically

Also a SuperNova2 (sku 23055, not Pro-Tek or LITE) with free insert for $128 Canuck bucks or about $95 US. Near $200 US if bought domestically

Lastly, I bought a set of 5” jaws at a similar discount.


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Thanks for the info Mark.  Not quite what we need but almost like it.
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Thank you, Mark. I wish that I had a good way to use that info.
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Where in Canada would these be available? Are you saying these are prices at a store and not online?
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Maybe this helps someone.
Once I was looking for a rare book.. long story short, I found it on amazon canada at a reasonable price.
Amazon Canada would not ship to usa
there's a service that you can pay for it.
It gives you a Candian address, then it forwards it to you.
So you pay to rent the address, plus postage to send it the second time.
It's not cheap, I don't recall exactly, but it was $40-50 to get the book here.
Probably not worth it a live center, but maybe useful to someone.

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