Johnson Paste Wax
You probably know that Johnson Paste Wax is now a memory. So appreciate that half-used tin in your shop. 
A suitable replacement is Minwax Paste Finishing Wax. I used it today as the only finish on a chest made of 120-year-old pine (from an old barn). The Minwax was absorbed, leaving a dull, not shiny finish. It did not change to color of the light wood. And of course the Minwax will now be used on all my tools, just like the old stuff.
Thanks for the update.
Thanks for the heads up.  I literally have a half can left over and didn't know they stopped making yes, I will cherish it
I probably have less than an eight of a can left! I did purchase a can of Minwax, though it remains unopened (until needed).
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Again, thanks for the update
What are people using for waxing cast iron tables?
I have about 1/3 can of Johnson’s left.
I bought Mothers California Gold Brazilian Carnauba Paste Cleaner Wax 12oz
I use it on my truck and the cast iron tools.

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(08-17-2023, 09:44 AM)rwe2156 Wrote: What are people using for waxing cast iron tables?

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I have been using Veritas Tool Wax for over a,( I think,) year now. I like it very much and have bought an extra can to help fill out an order so I can get free shipping. As far as waxing goes it is all I will be using on my tools. I use a past wax called Trewax on my machinery tables. It is a little harder than Johnsons was. It has more carnauba than Johnsons and seems to hold up better.  I stumbled a crossed it in 1975 in a hardware store, and have been using it since. Tried Johnsons but went back to Trewax. It can be gotten on Amazon for $16.22

I think Vanitas Tool Wax will work very well on table tops but it could get kind of pricy $14.30.

For what it is worth, I hope this helps.

Heard about this a few months ago and picked up a can of Johnson Past Wax when the local Ace Hardware still had inventory. A shame it is no longer available.


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