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Has anyone dealt with Beaver Industrial Supply? Do the have a showroom and keep big items in stockade? I have about decided on a saw stop and they are a dealer. I can drive 2 hours to St Louis and pick one up or I can go 3 hours to Springfield and get one from Grizzly. Really not wanting to pay 300 plus shipping when we can make a little family road trip out of it. Grizzlies website shows the saws in stock I can't tell from Beaver Industrial and didn't want to call and bother them if somebody else had the answer online. Thanks
If I were in your situation I wouldn’t trust an online stock indicator for a 2 hour drive.

I’d call and explain the situation to make sure they don’t sell the last one while your driving.

Is even call right before leaving and tell them I’m on the way.
Bought a lot of sand paper from them with no problem. But nothing large
Hat tip to Beaver Industrial.  Easiest purchase ever.  I don't think I could have bought it at WalMart any quicker.  Walked in the showroom and after a few minutes drooling over the Laguna bandsaws and every Festool product made, I walked up to the counter told the man what I wanted.  I handed him a whole lot of 100 dollar bills. He gave me back 4 singles.  I was loaded in 10 minutes and on my way home.  They take care of the warranty registration for me. Wound up with the Saw Stop 3.0hp PCS.

Forgot that I got a free t-shirt. That made it worth the 3 1/2 hour round trip.
Congrats - you're going to love the saw!


SS PCS driver
By all means call first.   They are NOT open Saturday and Sunday. Roly
They are fine. Bought a few festool items from them when Bob Marino retired. They were no Bob, so I moved on.

Call them and arrange it, or just order from Grizz. With them, you know their inventory, you will show up and one will be there.

Once Favre hangs it up though, it years of cellar dwelling for the Pack. (Geoff 12-18-07)  

I’ve bought a lot of stuff from them with no issues.  You can certainly call them and check stock.  I’ve done that several times prior to ordering.  I just ordered a thin kerf riving knife last night from them.  It already shipped today.


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