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After several years of watching my tools gather dust in the garage, I've started on a dedicated shop for woodworking.  Its a 12 x 22 building, a little bigger than the 10 x 20 garage bay I had.  Wiring is done, walls are finished, waiting on the ceiling.  Put down 3/4" White Oak form a nearby mill.  They called it "Tavern Grade"  a lot of defects and color variations, but it was $0.99/ SF.   I figured on 20% waste and had enough left to use for a baseboard.  Sealed it with BLO/Poly not really trying for a pretty finish it will get abused.  Think I'm going to do some kind of T&G ceiling don't know if it will be store bought or DIY.  The boy and I got my dust collector moved yesterday, I installed it myself 15 years ago, was sure nice to have some help this time.

I've got a Delta DJ20 jointer to move in and a Sawstop PCS to purchase.  Once they are in place I'll start figuring out my collector piping.

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Nice! I really love that floor! It looks like you placed the outlets at 50" or so, good choice.
I started with absolutely nothing. Now, thanks to years of hard work, careful planning, and perseverance, I find I still have most of it left.
Looking good...........


I miss the days of using my dinghy with a girlfriend too. Zack Butler-4/18/24

The Revos apparently are designed to clamp railroad ties and pull together horrifically prepared joints
WaterlooMark 02/9/2020

Great start and the floor looks great!

Father time takes it's toll, doesn't it!
Big Grin

What kind of dust collection pipe are you using?
I had the snap lock metal in the garage. Probably going to salvage it. Should be enough for this shop. I wasted a lot trying to make every tool stationary. Figured out over time I really only needed a permanent drop to the table saw, jointer and router table. Every thing else moved a lot because of shop space they could have all shared a flex hose and a central drop location.
When I redid my woodworking shop a few years ago, I decided on the Dust Right system from Rockler. All my stationary tools except the Dewalt RAS are on casters, making the shop much more flexible. Made a permanent connection to my jointer (it never moves) and a run to the RAS. Bought their longest 4" hose and installed their quick change connections on all the other tools. When not in use the hose hangs on the wall out of the way.

I have a 6" PVC trunk line and a 2 1/2 HP dust collector. This setup seems ideal for my needs and after 2-3 years of usage would do it again.

Great looking shop space - love that floor! You paid less for it per sq. ft. than I did for the laminate I found at HD on a closeout sale. Good luck the rest of the way.


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