Replacing Jet Cab Saw motor
(09-20-2023, 10:42 AM)JDuke Wrote: Is it a standard nema frame motor, or something like the unisaw with a proprietary motor mounting setup.

I’d look at having a local shop rebuilder either way.

That may make the difference as to whether to repair or replace. Small motors are seldom rewound unless they're an uncommon frame, it's too expensive to rewind. I'm not sure where 3 h.p falls in the repair vs. replace scale.
Best I can tell on ereplacement parts it’s a standard Nema frame motor bolted to an adapter plate, which makes more since in today’s manufacturing. 

If it were me, I’d keep my eyes on Craigslist, Facebook marketplace, and any other local sales sights for a 2-3hp motor.  I wouldn’t rule out a 3 phase motor if you can get it cheap enough that a variable frequency drive can be added for less than the $500 for a single phase motor.  

Although there isn’t really much benefit to VFD on a table saw. 

You could also check surplus center online, they usually have a variety of motors.

I’d also pull the motor and take it in to a local motor shop if you have one and ask if they have a comparable motor on hand, you never know they might have a used one, or another source for one. 

I’m very fortunate I have a small motor shop nearby with very knowledgeable guys, I know not everyone does. I don’t need them often but when I do, they are invaluable.

Small side story…
I had a small motor without nameplate that’s used for the tool change plunger on a cnc mill and I didn’t know how to wire it.  So I took it in to get a similar sized reversible motor.  The blind counter guy was able to tell me how to wire up what I already had to make it work.

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