Bandsaw Tire Question
Hello All,

I blew out the bottom tire on my bandsaw so I bought two new ones as they came together in the same package. The top tire seems to be ok. My guess is I should switch out both tires to avoid any issues but does only changing out the bottom tire make sense? The two new tires and the existing tires are both the same color (caution orange) and side by side, they appear to be be the same.

It's possible the crown on the new tires are slightly different than the old ones. I don't think you'd want the crown profile to different on the bottom than it is on the could make tracking a little tricky. That said, maybe it's perfectly OK to just use one. But I'd change both won't be that much more work.
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Try the one. If tracking problems occur, change the other one


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WaterlooMark 02/9/2020

I changed just the top one on a 14" about 3 mo.s ago. No problems yet. They were both new about 5yr.s ago.
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