Where I am in the build part 2
I would like to thank Lonnie for inspiring me to write this. Some back ground first.  Back in the late 80s woodworkers supply made an offer for ideas for new products. If nothing else the offer was for a the product when it hit the market. About 2 years latter router lifts started showing up
I am not saying that todays lifts are not better designed or easier to produce I just find it hard to believe that they started showing up 2 years latter. Which is about the time it takes from initial concept to production. I am in that line of work.



So today here is my fence. I will admit Woodpeckers is dancing all around it. But they get more expensive by the ad on. But most fences produced, maybe refined but basically the same old fence with a few bells and whistles. There is a black turn screw that locks the screw from turning or locks the position in. In the middle is a half nut. If you push down on the half nut you free the screw and not the whole fence can be rapidly moved forward or backward out of the way. Let go and the screw engages again and the fence can be adjusted in the desired position with the blue handwheel.  I can move the fence back and then reposition it effortlessly in about 15 seconds. Discounting the time to change tools I showed and explained it for 2 reason . Maybe someone will run with it and at my age compensation although it would be nice I am not expecting anything. I chose to share it for what it is worth.



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