Bandsaw blade tension spring rate
Are you looking in the regular spring section or die springs?

(03-11-2024, 06:57 PM)gordon 131 Wrote: John, this is the problem I am having locating this spring. The OD of the spring sits down inside the casting of the upper main C frame of this saw, and the adjustment rod is a long 1” acme thread bolt that goes up through the underside of the upper C frame through the spring then up through the
Upper wheel mounting fulcrum. So the O D of the spring that is in there is only 1.67. There is a little room in there , but not 2”.  It is kinda hard to measure as well, as it is just rough casting and not machined out.  So with this limited OD I am working with ,  a spring with a larger wire gauge is hard to get in there. The spring that is in the saw now and complete mush is 4.67 long, 1.105 inside , 1.67 outside with .250 wire.
The one I am looking at from Lee spring is 1.73 outside with .283 wire , which may be the best option I have tried so far.
I talked with Louis Iturra this morning and he told me , based on my current spring specs that he cannot help with this one.
It is looking like I may have to just try the one I found, at least it will be better than the mushy one that is in there. I am going to look at trying to get a slightly longer one in there if it has higher rate , or maybe 2 shorter ones together.
I really do appreciate your info John , as I did not know what spring rate values I was looking for.
Thank You

OK, here's one that will fit if you switch to a 3/4" diameter rod.  Link


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