Genoa Wi.
My wife and I went for a nice but cool spring getaway to La Cross Wi. yesterday. We went visiting as many antique stores as we could on our way, both ways actually. We took the scenic drive up highway 35 along the Mississippi from Prairie Du Chien Wi. About 10 miles south of La Cross we stopped at the small town of Genoa, and visited the Old Tool Shed Antiques store.

An old gentleman ( guessing was well in his 80s) runs it and if I was going really check things out I would bring a flash light. Lighting wasn't good at all in the old building. He has more Bedrock planes in there than Stanley's. He knows what his stuff is worth but not overpriced either. I bought 3 things and I had to go next door to get to a ATM because he doesn't take cards, only cash or checks. I saw 1 #1 but he wouldn't sell it. Last time I was there he had 3. Worth visiting if you ever get in the area.

Anyway some pictures and the flash helps.







The wall displays are from both sides and the whole store was full. Only one side of the building is open but the other side was half full and the basement has just about the same amount.

Worth stopping just to look But only open Thursdays through Saturday.

+ seventeen
That’s an awesome place- thanks for the pics. What’d ya buy?
I bought a hand saw with a 12 inch blade. The blade is tapered. I thought it was filed  cross cut when I bought, but I am not sure now. My eyes are not what they used to be. The teeth seam to be sharp and have adequate set. The saw has 14 teeth per inch. I tried to take a picture of the etched blade but I am not a very good photographer  The etching on the blade is remarkably well preserved and says Henry Disston and Sons, Key Stone saw works, Philadelphia. USA  Cast steel Warranted, Red. Us Pad off.  Paid $29.95 I will take it for a spin tomorrow, but am leaning into having it made into a rip cut small tenon saw

The next is a scraper plane by Ulimia. The blade is out of a block plane so I will have to fix that. Paid $19.99  I look forward to using it. Right now all I have is a Stanley 80 and some card scrapers.

And last is a Bailey 4 1/2.  I think the knob and tote have been changed but in very, very good shape. The japanning is in great shape and it has a newer blade. I think a type 12 had a high knob and a type 11 a low knob is how you tell the two apart. So it is either a type 11 or 12. Anyway I think that those 2 types are the most looked for types. Gave $69.95 . Going to resurface it and put it up for sale.  Or use it for trading stock.





Very nice tools!

Just from memory, I suspect the Ulmia might have been a toothing plane (if it had its original blade).    That actually sounds pretty useful, no matter which way you go.
Good stuff, Tom. .
Wow. What an inventory. Thanks for posting the pics.
Unlikely I will ever get there, but it is good to know such
places still exist.
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