A $21 hand plane..
While on the road to visit the Boss...stopped in at Brandt, OH....seems there is a "Junk Store" just west of the only traffic light in town...

Outside, in front of the store, they have a bunch of tables set up, like at a Yard Sale.
There is also a Garage/shed to the est side of the store..with a LOT of shelves....filled with all sorts of "goodies" ( where I picked a Stanley 60-1/2)
Then just out back, there is a huge yard, filled will stuff..
This is about a 1/4 of the backyard....they do keep everything outside covered in tarps, unless the store is open, the weather is dry...

When you then walk inside the front door to the store itself...there is a shelf unit...usually has a few hand planes...

Well, today I decided to buy one....tag said $24...I got it for $21 counting tax.
It did look a bit better the most of the planes there, though..
There was a time, that these were sold at Home Depot...along with a #5 Jack, and a block plane or 2...Brand named was Buck Bros.    You could also buy replacement irons , 2" wide, for $3.....Then, Great Neck quit making hand planes...and when the stocks ran out, they were no longer for sale at The Home Depot...

Decided to clean this plane up...just enough to get it to work..sole was a tad rusty from sitting on a shelf somewhere, other than Home Depot...
No, it is NOT polished up like a mirror, nor will it ever be...but, it is flat...

iron needed a wee bit of work...and might need a little more, IF the goal was micron thin shavings....it MIGHT get the UNicorn later..

Chipbreaker?   Needed more work the the iron did..until it fir gap-free onto the back of the iron....which was flattened better than it was....but had rustiness to get rid of, too.
Test drive?
Tweaked, and fettled a bit...try again...
Almost there...was trying for a full width of the stick of pine...
I think that will do, for now
Just a cheap #4 sized hand plane....Yeah, back in the day, these cost about $15 NEW.  

YMMV, of course.
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
Yes, I do have feeler gauges....they sit in a drawer..
Along with the rest of the "Tool Set"
That came from my Late dad...model number?
Was used a lot, back when one had to adjust points.....Sometimes, I will use a wrench or 2, for small nuts and bolts....haven't found much use for the guage,though..

Some of the planes I passed on/by...
When this wasn't in Sears RED..it was in Millers Falls VLine Gray...
Somebody brass plated the sides of the 70's era jack?
Some had seen better days?
Not much good, without an Iron....?They do have a few vises sitting around..
Some small. and some..
Bigger ones...

Since this is on the way to see the Boss, I can stop by now and then, and look around.
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
That $21 plane was put to work, today..
Blank for a lid was cupped a bit....removed the cup...planed the bowed up face, then the cupped face..panel was check for flat .
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
Other planes got used, today...
Stanley No. 5-1/2c, Type 11....was a jointer plane for today..

To clean up after the Jumbo Jack...
A Stanley No. 4-1/2c, Type 11....smooth up the rough spots

Needed round overs done, as well...
First 2 planes were a wee bit too big, so..
A Stanley No. 60-1/2 was put to work....even on the end grain, BTW..
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
That AMT plane with the brass sides?
Turned out to be a Junior Jack sized 5-1/4...base casting IS solid brass...
Magnets do not stick to the base casting...
Tom MIGHT have a bit of trouble "grinding" this sole flat? 

Base is 11" long, by 2-1/4" wide.....iron is 1-3/4" wide.

While it won't replace my Millers Falls No. 11.....it WILL replace the Stanley No. 5-1/4 that has a cracked sole...may swap out a couple parts, to build a "Hybrid" plane?
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
So...Road Trip to the north of town...mainly just scoping out places I haven' been in a few years...

Little town called Mount Victory, OH.    Supposed to have at least 4 Antique stores....only one was opened, place called The Tin Cup..
Found this "Hamper"
The "pick of the Litter" was that No. 3 sized plane

Got it home to check it over ($19)
Big Depth adjuster wheel...no patent dates...no Frog adjust bolt..
"Tall knob"  no ring...has a No. on one side, and a "3" on the other side in front of the knob..."Made in USA" is cast behind the knob
Lateral lever has a Sargent style twist..frog?
A Type 5, or later Sargent? 
At least there is a spring in the lever cap...
Bolt hole at the top of the iron..where as Stanley's would be down at the bottom..

Cleaned the iron up a bit, looking for a logo....found a Script  "Lakeside"

Sole does not look too hateful..
It does have a step under the heel, though..
So...this was sold at a Local Montgomery Ward's store.  

BTW:  one other place DID have a decent plane...sitting beside a plane shaped object..
But, with a price of $115+Tax..was a bit out of MY budget...when I already have 3 of this No. 6 Small Jointer Plane...

IF you want more photos from THAT road trip..let me know..
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
Never seen a brass hand plane before. Although I am not familiar with the AMT brand. I have seen the bronze from Lee Valley and the like.
Rough composition guidelines:

Brass - 2/3 copper 1/3 zinc
Bronze - 7/8 copper 1/8 tin

These are rough and can very widely! If anyone wants to learn more, spend a week at my plant.
Waiting to grow up beyond being just a member
The AMT Junior Jack now has wood handles..
iron has been sharpened up, chipbreaker has a no-gap to the flat back of the iron feature..

Donor plane?
Was a Blue Stanley No, 5-1/2...with issues..
That I doubt Tom and his surface grinder could ever fix...Stanley frog will not match up..
Without a 1/4" spacer between the bottom of the frog and this base....and find bolts long enough.   Will save the frog and the iron/chipbreaker for any Stanley #3 sized plane that might wander into the shop.

This will take the place of a Millers Falls No. 11, when it is down for a sharpening...The AMT cost me $15.
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
As for the Lakeside #3?
Was cleaned up a bit..
Used a bit of 3in1 Oil on a brush, to clean up the japanning...didn't need repainting..
Iron sharpened up, mates gap-free to the chipbreaker, Test drive..

Seems to be a Sargent made for Montgomery Wards No. 3? 

Will use it when the Stanley No. 3, Type 11 is down for sharpening...
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that

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