Retractable Electrical Hose Reel
Kind of a woodworking tool. Thinking about getting a hose reel for the woodworking shop to install over the workbench and use for various portable power tools around the shop. Found this VEVOR on Amazon. Gets high marks and has 12 gauge wire. 

Any comments on dos and don'ts? Anyone have a favorite?

I have a Harbor Freight extension cord reel in my last and current shop (garage really ?)

I highly recommend having something like this.

I do not have any experience with the one you referenced. I would get the harbor freight again
That one looks decent. I have a Husky brand one I use. It has worked well.
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I have bought them from Harbor freight Northern tool and Amazon before I have several around the shop one in the garage hanging from the ceiling I really like them.
Looking at the Harbor Freight site, I had what I think was the Merlin Premium Retractable Air Hose Reel.   I had so much trouble with the 'stop' not working and the rewind acting up that I gave up on it pretty quickly.   Much better for me was when I ran pipe to drop locations where I needed air frequently and left a coiled hose hanging.
Ordered the one in my original link - we'll see how it does. Thanks to all for your comments!

I use coiled silicone hoses for air drops. I used air reels for years in truck shops. Hated them. Never long enough, not in the right spot.Had to connect another hose to them for length.

I bought an 12ga elec reel (25') from HF about 15 years ago. It hangs with the spider webs unused, as it (never has) worked properly. Won't catch. Won't wind up on the first try as it takes several attempts.


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The Revos apparently are designed to clamp railroad ties and pull together horrifically prepared joints
WaterlooMark 02/9/2020

Looks like you didn't have very good luck.

I have 2 of these reels from Northern tool
So far they have worked great.  The VEVOR one though has the lighted end on it for about the same price.  I usually wait for Northern tool coupons that give you $5/$10/$20 off on sale prices depending on the total.
I have a couple of different reels like this and use them all the time. I wouldn't be without one now. I wouldn't waste my money on a real cheap one though.

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