The Plane has landed
I got a plane from Tom
Keen Kutter K7. Works like a dream, and the sole is perfekt!

Thanks Tom, for taking the trouble shipping overseas!

[Image: IMG_20240424_191158.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20240424_191222.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20240424_191236.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20240424_192425.jpg]

Take Care
Glad it worked out for you!
Credo Elvem ipsum etiam vivere
Non impediti ratione cogitationis
Nice fit to a German shop...  Keen Kutter!    (Compressor --> Kompressor;   Automatic --> Automatik )

It looks like a super tool.
Wait! Pedder, aren't you the craftsman who makes gorgeous long planes? Or, are you the like the cobbler whose children have no shoes? 

Heirlooms are self-important fiction so build what you like. Someone may find it useful.
Hi Bruce,

I never made planes, but I make a saw from time to time. But don't ask of a picture of my saws..

(04-25-2024, 09:18 AM)C. in Indy Wrote: It looks like a super tool.

It is! With shipping and Custom duty the price is half way between a chinese Bedrock and a Lie-Nilesen Berdock, but this plane is from a woodnetter. that is a thought, I like very much!

Cheers Pedder
Did the plane automatically change to metric, when it crossed the ocean. Sweet looking plane.
I am glad to hear that it got to you safely. Pedder was going to buy the Wards Master #7 and he mentioned he would take it unless I had a 607 in the planes. The K series planes are the same as a Bedrock round side. Since the shipping was $98 I just couldn't send the Wards Master, so I sent my K7 out of my personal collection. The Wards Master is now my #7 unless someone buys it out from under me.

I am going to a Mid-west tools collectors Auction next Saturday and the Meet on Sunday in Humboldt Ia. Hope to maybe get a new K 7.

I now have planes in the Philippines, Japan, Canada and Germany, and some moxon hardware in Australia. I think that it is kind of neat. 

Very nice of you, Tom!
Waiting to grow up beyond being just a member
That is a very nice gesture Tom. I have always envied the planes you grind and restore! I am sure Pedder will enjoy that one!

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