A Project for May?
The Boss has requested a storage solution to all the new nightgowns she has acquired over the last month or so...

Have about 45 bft of Ash on hand as the Main lumber...pine can hide out inside...plywood for drawer bottom panels...

Trying to decide on:
Drawer depth
Number of drawers needed
Free Standing, or
Build a stand to sit it on

Will the sides be a single glued up panel? Or...A Frame & many Raised Panels ( one per drawer)

Top?   Single, glued up, Bread board edge panel?   Or.....Make it into a lid, for a shallow compartment to house smaller items, so they don't get lost in a drawer, somewhere..?

The Single Brain Cell Sketch Up is now working out the details....

Have 28' of 1 x 4s to work into the design...but can rip some of the 1 x 6s to match...

Have to keep an eyeball peeled for grain details...so that they all will tend to blend together. 

First cuts are to start...tomorrow, I hope...
Stay tuned....
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
(04-30-2024, 11:30 AM)bandit571 Wrote: Stay tuned....

Will do.
Got to looking at this thing..
And thinking IF I increase the depth from 2" up to 4"...and maybe add a couple more drawers?  Not sure about THAT lid style, just yet...

A Mystery...
The 1 x 8 in the stash...has Ray Flecks....might this be White Oak, instead of Ash?

Have some defects to work around..

May cut around some...
The next question involves those 1 x 4s
Drawer Fronts, or...make into Raised Panels for the sides of the case...

Intend to haul at least 3 of the 1 x 6s to the shop, tomorrow....and MAYBE one of the 1 x4s...need to know how many parts I'll need to make...

Stay tuned..there may be some cussing involved...
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
Well, these 3 are headed for the shop..
Back 2 were from the same board..was 10', until I needed it to fit into the back of the Chevy..Front one is a close match..but..
This area will be scrapped...end grain?
Seems to be all quarter sawn Ash...burn marks from the dull plywood blade he used to cut the planks down...50% cut, 40% burn, 10% Bind and kick back..
Face grain is a bit "dull"..
But, fairly straight...good enough to make Stiles & Rails with....saves the fancier stuff for the raised panels...

Need to make up a cut list, this morning....for lengths, and widths...and then get to cutting this afternoon?

Stay tuned..
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
Order of the build:
Parts for the Frames
Parts for the raised panels that go into the frames

Pine parts to make webframes to connect the 2 glued up side panels...

Parts for the face frame

Then work on all the drawers, and a top of some sort...

That is the plan, for now....
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
Got tired of waiting on Moose & Squirrel Delivery Express to deliver The Plan..so..
back to the Drawing Board....That plane iron does make a nice drafting square...
For now, all I need is to lay out one corner...as the other 3 will follow along

8 Drawers = 8 Raised Panels..that sit in 1/4" x 1/4" grooves....rails have 1/2" long tenons on each end..1/4" to fit the groove, 1/4" more into a mortise

The "hard part"?
Just "Basic Math" 

So..now I have a cut list, to make the two sides of the chest of drawers....so now, I best get started  cutting a few parts...

Stay tuned
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
3 out of 4 planks, headed to the shop..
and the 4th?
That short 1 x 6....was needed to make a few extra parts
First crosscuts..
46" long stiles and some stuff to make rails...

Started to rip a few parts for rails...
Was running out of lumber...with the first 3 planks...and not all the parts were all that great..
Splits and other defects..
This was supposed to be 4 rails...3/4" x 2" x 18",  look at the bottom one...

In order to get the most out of the supply...length of rails was changed to 15-3/8"  and, instead of 1-1/2 wide, they are now 1-3/8 wide...
Which meant I needed one more plank...just big enough to give me 4 more GOOD rails...as some were very"pretty"..
The 4 "extra" rails were 7/8" thick, instead of 3/4"...had to skim a slice off...I can use one of the bad rails, to help set up to make some grooves...

Stay tuned...
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
Hauled that short plank to the shop, last night..
And, after cutting off the knotty parts..
Was able to rip 4 more Narrow Rails...as 2 of the first batch...
weren't really "top drawer stuff"

problem with the narrow rails...
involves the fence on this plane....even with it in the raised position.  So..set up the tablesaw to plough a few dozen grooves..
This will give you an idea of how many were ploughed, last night..
14 rails, each needing 2 grooves to house 8 raised panels..

Came time to do the single groove on the wider (2") top and bottom rails...3 weren't too hateful...
#4?   had issues...
And was basically..junk.

Today?  need to haul a 1 x 4 x 6'5" plank to the shop....raised panel blanks and a replacement for that junk rail..will use the #45 to clean out the grooves a bit better..or, if the fence gets in the way...just a sharp, bevel down chisel will do....will leave the #45 set up, as the 4 stiles also get a matching groove..

Stay tuned...
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
Brought another short plank to the shop...goal was to replace the split Wide Rail...got 2 blanks to try to use...first one?
was going good...but the Stanley 45 would not stay centered...so, made a second one up..

Most of the grooves needed cleaned up..
Set up the Stanley No. 71-1/2 to the required depth...
Basically, had 32 grooves to smooth out...
including the 4 grooves in the wide rails..and the 28 grooves in the narrow rails..
Then go through all the rails, looking for the shortest one..use that to cut the rest to length..just gang a bunch up..
Short one is up against the saw blade...a square even the non-sawn ends up, and....
Run each batch through..keeping that short one to lay out the rest...not too worried about that "rough" cut, because..
Once all these are cut..
That rough stuff is long gone...

Toes were cramping, lower back was hurting..decided to sweep up, and call it a day...

Stay tuned...
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
Working way too hard for a Friday...even the Tablesaw thought so..
Of the 4 planks hauled to the shop, this morning (10 am start time) these two were "special"...
Not all THAT much room in the shop, either..
When I need to cross cut them down to around 15" or so...and, deal with ends like this..
Junk...still wound up with 5 blanks per....out of a 3/4 x 4" x 77" plank...means I still need 6 more blanks...return to the stash..picked out one Decent 1 x4 and a decent 1 x 6..
And checked for length...width was another matter..
And all had a taper, of some sort.   chose the narrowest end, and set the rip fence to that..
Set the straightest of the edges against the fence, and run all 16 blanks through..
Trying to get all the blanks to match up to each other..
From the 1 x 6...did not need the buggy live edge, any way..

Next up?  Stay tuned...
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that

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