A Project for May?
Looks like a comfortable spot for the boss to hang out.  Hope she gets home to you soon.
Plan right now is to go and pick her up on the 15th of May, then she can start Home Health Care....

Raised panels this morning,,
The Before...all 8 were worked on..until (Same panel)
Saw marks, ridges, and any rough spots were smoothed out..
Had one that was...interesting...
Show it off, or hide it...wait and see..

Rails, figured out which face looked the best..
And which wasn't...worked on the better face a bit..

All panels and rails were also sanded to 180 grit..
Then the "FUN" and cussing could begin..

Glue on every tenon..spot in the center of each panel...Worked my way along one stile....then the Mallet came out..again with the glue on the tenons..then a clamp on one end to start pulling things together,,add more clamps, and a hammer assist as needed...
Worked with the good faces  facing me...add a few more clamps in the middle where 2 rails were not being cooperative...
The red clamps to adjust the fit on the end..

let this sit a day in the clamps...while I start work on side 2..
As Stiles #1 and #2 need their Mortises chopped, too,....then work on the rails and raised panels and get ready for the next glue up

Stay tuned..
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
Ok, the glued up Side #1 is now out of the clamps, and has been set aside, out of the way..for now..
The Stiles for Side #2 now have their foot profiles cut..
Good thing the defects are on the "inside" of the stiles..
Then, set one of these aside, for now..set out a few tools..
10mm Mortise Chisel and an 8mm clean-out chisel...
Mortise to dig a hole..
And the 8mm to remove all the chips, and smooth the floor of the mortise...Had to cut a haunch on the top and bottom rails..and finally a dry fit
Repeat all the way to the other end of the Stiles...18 mortises in total..last dry fit of the rails..

But, there was a Problem....when I tried a dry fit with a raised panel in the mix..
The panel's rebates were too fat...so..
Tomorrow, I get to do this, again....might as well do the show faces as well..and do the show faces of the rails...aiming for a Sunday Glue up? 
We'll see...stay tuned..
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
Hi Steve,

I usually like pictured building reports. Really. I allways would scribe: Send more pictures.

Not in your threads. To you I would like to say: Less is more.
Take less pictures, but take just a little more time to take them.
Use more light. Use a tripod. and use the white balance, if your camera offers that.
Take more tan one shot and publish the best.

The next level would be to show less of the clutter in the backround, but hei, the first points would improve the pictures dramatically.

Take care
Hmmm, have always said.."I run  a Woodworking Shop, NOT a Photo Studio"

The Camera?  is my hand held Phone's Camera.....since my "normal" camera was DOA a few months ago...and have not found anything I like to replace it.

The Background "clutter"?...as above, this is a WORKING Woodshop...and quite a lot of that "Clutter" is being USED, or about to be used.   Photos are being taken as I work...not at the end of a session...what you see is what I see, IF you were standing behind as I work.  

Used to be(40+ years ago..) I could put in a 8-12 hour day IN the wood shop....now a days?  2 hours is right at the limit of how long I can work down there, and still make it back up the stairs.

Anyone is welcome to stop by at the shop, and maybe help out...maybe take the photos THEY want...while I am working...not much room in the shop, though..
It is what it is...a place for me to relax, have a bit out a Cardio Workout...and just have fun.  Then sweep the floor when I am done, go back upstairs and have..
Something cold to cool off with...

Single Brain Cell Sketch Up was working of a design while I slept, last night...trying to figure out  a way ( new to me) of making the web frames for the drawers to slide on..and a cutting list for it.....so, today's errands will include a stop at Lowes...and use my 10% MIL. Discount...As I need a wee bit of Pine, and some 1/4"Plywood

Width of the drawers?  seems to be around 24" right now.....case stands (without the top,right now)42-5/8" tall, and is 18-1/2" deep....Plan calls for 8 drawers..

Stay tuned...
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
Lumber Run to Lowes..took about an hour round trip...counting loading and unloading..
$108.86 for..
That had to be loaded up into..
The back of my Chevy Equinox...had to fold down the other seat, too....as those 1 x 4 x8' planks almost reached to the dashboard..

Four 1 x 4 x 8'...Six 1/4"x 24" by 48" plywood panels, and six 1 x 2 x 6' pine.  

Should be enough, for now..$8 over Budget..saved $11. 28 due to my 10% Military Discount
And these were the "pick of the Litter"
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
Shop Start time: 1300 hrs
Shop Quitting Time: 1520Hrs..
Film At 2300 hrs..once I get cooled off, and the usual 20, 000 photos edited...

Side #2 is IN the clamps...waiting on glue to dry..and me to finish picking dried glue off of me fingers...
Stay tuned
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
Glued up...outside face..
And, the inside face of Side #2..
Letting this sit a day...
Stay tuned..
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
Looking good!

Single Brain Cell Sketch Up:   Will lay a runner made of Ash down...instead of standing up...On each end will be a 3/8" dovetail  "tail"...which will go into a socket in the Stile.

A pine 1 x 2,will be Mortise& Tenoned to the back of that "Divider"...and Mortise  & Tenoned to a pine back...which is where the plywood back will get "Glue & Screwed" in place..still working out the details for at the top, and the bottom...may just build a 9th divider for the top..then add a filler on top of that...same with the bottom.

Will not need a kicker over each drawer, that way..

So..that is what will be going on, tomorrow...
Stay tuned..
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that

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