A Project for May?
Ok..start with these 2 planks..
Cross cut to 24" roughly..
Got these 4, plus 2 of these..
Fire wood?

Needed find a straight edge to run along the fence..
As I needed 9 dividers at 1-3/8" wide..
Had to toss out that curvy one, and cut another from one of these..

They were all a might too thick, too...so..
Set the fence to 3/4" from the blade, and run through standing on edge, peeling off the worst face...

BTW:  Side #2 is out of the clamps..
And standing up in front of Side #1.

Busy morning...have errands to run, Boss to visit...hopefully, these photos aren't too big..
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
Ok, the reason behind all this ripping...is to avoid something like this..


Where I need to use thick runners


With kickers....and then glue the "face frame" parts to the Web Frame fronts, without connecting to the Stiles.

The new dividers will be just 3/4" thick, and the Web Frame will not need a kicker..

Divider front rail will be joined to the front of the stiles with sliding dovetails.  However...the pine runners behind the front piece, will fit into a Mortise & tenon connection, same as at the back..a single screw to attach the frame to a rail..NOT a panel...The 1/4" plywood back will also get attach to the back of the Web Frame assembly..

Clear as mud?

So..the first step would be to mill 9 divider rails..get them all squared up and the proper length.   The plywood back width is "fixed at" 23-7/8" wide, and will fit into a 1/4" deep by 3/8" wide rebate down the back of the back edge of the back stile..so..near as I can figure of the "New Math"   the divider front rails need to be 23-7/8" long..with a 3/8" dovetail on the ends..

That IS the "Plan" as of right now...

Two of the Leftovers..will get milled into filler strips above the top divider and below the bottom divider...

Sliding Dovetails?  We have ways...

Takes the same fence as the Tablesaw...stand the rail up on it's end, two passes...done...will clamp to a slider that runs on top of the fence..that way, it won't drop down in the spinning bit.

Stay tuned..

Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
Part of the fun of being on Laundry Detail...is the Laundry "Room" is co-located with the Dungeon Woodshop...so that when I haul a load to get washed...I tend to "linger" in the shop..so..
Moved this mess over, out of the way, because..
It was a bit close to where my arm was, while pushing the Craftsman 3720 ( Sargent 79) along, making a rebate to house the plywood back..
Use a strip of the same plywood to check the depth..
Had to adjust the iron on the plane, was taking too deep of a bite...I also made a mess on the floor..
Hardest part? was trying to keep the cut square...
Half the problem was in the way the iron was sitting...and how I was gripping the plane...was causing it to "heel" to the right...lightened up the grip a bit...adjusted the iron for depth and square to the sole...

Washer was done...went back to the shop to unload it, and load it into the dryer....and rebate the other Case's side panel, so that both sides have a rebate for the Plywood Back.

Shop time today?   Will involve clamping the two sides together,,,inside to inside, set that clamped to the side of the bench..with the rebates down....run a jointer plane along both front edges, until they match each other.   No "bows", no "dips"...just a straight edge..

Might set up the router table later...need to haul the dry clothes back upstairs..
Stay tuned..( Too many Photos?  Hmmmm?)
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
As usual Bandit, you are more productive than most of us here!

Those raised panels are amazing.
Mark Singleton

Bene vivendo est optimum vindictae

The Laws of Physics do not care about your Politics   -  Me
(05-13-2024, 09:45 AM)MarkSingleton Wrote: As usual Bandit, you are more productive than most of us here!

Those raised panels are amazing.

totally agree, fantastic job on panels.
Bandit, you are really kicking ash big time on this project. ;=)
If you continue to cut corners, you'll end up going in circles!

It's my thumb so I'll hit it if I want to!
Clamped these 2 together..
And clamped them both to the side of the bench, trapping my Stanley No.8c behind them...had to settle for a smaller Jointer..
A Stanley No. 7c, Type 10...goal was to joint the front edges of both panel until they matched..
Checked with a square...the backs were simply aligned up, to give me a reference point...

Without removing the c clamps....I rotated the pair to level the top edges...and then..
Check the bottom rails and feet...a wee bit off.....Sanding drum in a cordless drill, A beltsander, a palm sander, a couple spokeshaves, and finally..
A Stanley No. 80 to smooth things out..square says it is level across..
And, if it is happy, so am I....swept up the shop..
Hauled the clothes hamper upstairs, and did a "Perfect Pour" to cool off with..
Guinness Draught Stout...

Stay tuned..
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
Looking great!

Thanks for the build-along!
needed to trim some parts, TODAY..
So..leaving things ganged up, I trimmed this end first.
.moved a clamp around..
And trimmed the other end...final length? was to be 23-7/8".....turned out to 23-1/2"...not a problem, can adjust..

The reason I needed to trim today?
Was I needed to move the tablesaw out of the way for a day or 3...the space back at the wall?
Is where I store the Router Table...uses the same fence as the tablesaw, BTW..with the same clamps, too.

Ends of those 9 slats will have a dovetail "Tail" milled on each end...and the slats are run through standing up vertically...which means I need a slider built to run along the top edge of the fence...

Boss is coming home Wednesday...so THAT shoots any shoptime, on that day...

Stay tuned, Tuesday might be a very BUSY day...
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
It began late last night...router was set up...and a slider added to the fence..
4 passes per rail..times 9 rails...
These were sized to match this dovetail bit..
As this one is going into a hand held Router, to cut the sockets for those "tails" to slide into

Ok, change router bits..
To a 1/4" straight cutter...add a second fence..
Then add a "Start & STOP" lines...
Run each rail through on each end, until..
Which leaves cutting a bunch of Pine 1xs...
Then cutting a 1/2" long tenon on each  piece of Pine Runner...Back rails are to also be Pine...with a mortise for the back tenons..

Tomorrow, the Boss comes home...so..today will be a very busy Shop Day...as No Shop will be on Wednesday..

Stay tuned...
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that

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