Daikin Mini-Split?
I’m thinking of putting a mini-split two handle cooling and heat for two areas of my home. My hvac guy is telling me to get Daikin, rather than Mitsubishi or LG. I don’t see a lot of reviews for Daikin. I’m curious what your thoughts are? Also, is there a formula for figuring out what size units I need?

By the way, does any manufacturer offer different color options for the wall units? My biggest hesitation for this is having a big unit hanging on the wall of a beautiful room. I’d like to find a way to get it to blend in as much as possible.

I have had a Daikin minisplit in my shop for about 8-10 years, have had no problems, have both heat and cooling, can't offer any insight on color, it's a shop and the appearance is standard and not an issue.
I have not seen any options for different color units. I suppose a unit could be sprayed any color you’d like.

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On the color, I suspect that you could put a cover around it (3-sides) that match your walls or that match any built-ins. It might look like the valence (if I remember the term correctly) of the wrap-around for the top of window curtains.

If you use bed brackets to hang the front on the surround, then you could lift it up and off if you need access for maintenance.

It would be important to follow manufacturer requirements for clearance around the unit.
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Daikin is Goodman. You guy might have a buying agreement with a Goodman supplier.

Nothing wrong with Mitsubishi
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Daikin owns Goodman. So you're correct but it could be construed as the reverse. IMHO Daikin is the number two mini system.

Of course Mitsubishi is the concensus top of the heap.

I had one LG. Never again. Absolutely not support from the local dealer nor corporate. Something happened and it quit working. Nobody could figure out what it was. Their plugin device and phone app where worthless. Took it out at 4 months old and replaced with a Pioneer. Excellent unit. 4 years and counting. I did have an failure of the blower motor in the indoor unit in the first week. Seller sent me a replacement overnight.

Now, to be fair both were bought from internet sellers so the local dealer was not incentivised to help. Don't think made a difference though as they were clueless. Actually diagnosed the failure as a specific thermister, which was unavailable in the US for weeks. When it did arrive, not the problem..
I see mostly Mitsubishi in the field. #2 is probably Panasonic followed by Diakin and Mr Cool. This may have more to do with installers relationships with suppliers and local availability. The ones that I see inoperable are the old ones, not really brand specific.
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