Finally Finished It
The guy who's transporting the Lane Acclaim table I made for a lady in DC is finally coming to pick it up on Monday.  I've been keeping the finished pieces in my sauna for safe keeping.  So now that it's going to leave, I brought the pieces upstairs today put it together in my garage.  

The extension mechanism is massive and operates exceedingly smoothly.  It's from Poettker.  

[Image: AP1GczOuuWiKhXXAg6yz4t0htR3_QVce11KpJPAJ...authuser=1]

Right side up now.

[Image: AP1GczMrv3yy-phNavDSyJ3CdGhJP_1ZWw_tVUHM...authuser=1]

It's 42" diameter.  Sure looks small in my garage.  There are three leaves that can be added.

[Image: AP1GczN-3alyg9u4lptISK0qzt32gLRUKvtAXj5g...authuser=1]

[Image: AP1GczNtUv93R2elyU1LDeAcGZ9kt66OUvYBdBi3...authuser=1]

[Image: AP1GczPheW0PaftNmlu1etJiNHWkP50WVhXYu00s...authuser=1]

[Image: AP1GczPUkqjauN7koCvau2QN1qn12-WIKZYo8k98...authuser=1]

I like it best with 2 leaves.  I hope the lady I built if for likes it, too.  

John,  very nice work, the contrast is very attractive.
No doubt she will like it.
Who wouldn't!!
Vary, vary nice work.

Thanks all.  There were a lot of new "learning" experiences building this table, but I think the results were worth it.  Here's a bonus photo showing how it looks from the end.  

[Image: AP1GczOdyUhZDc2KKn24z1fNSag8D2bujnHgf78Y...authuser=1]

The original had a bead on the bottom of the curved apron, too, but I couldn't really tell if it was the same wood as the apron proper, or the leg.  I decided to use maple, the same as the legs and am happy with the look.  

That is one beautiful table!
That's wonderful, John! How do you like the aluminum expansion slides?
(06-16-2024, 09:46 AM)Hank Knight Wrote: That's wonderful, John! How do you like the aluminum expansion slides?

Thanks Hank.  The expansion slides are typical German quality - excellent.  They slide as smoothly as any drawer slide I've worked with.  You can open/close the table alone by just picking up one end and pulling it out or pushing it in with no binding or sticking.  However, they still aren't perfect.  After I put the table together, I noticed a sag in the center, even with no leaves installed.  As rigid as they are, there is still about a 1/16" sag in the middle whether the table is closed or fully extended.  I looked for some adjustment to the slides to compensate for it, but there is none.  I think I could remove the sag by shimming under the table panels and leaves, but it's a little late for that now.  

What a great job. Keep up the good work.
Lovely, tidy, professional woodworking.

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