Tormek T8
Managed to snag a Tormek T8 off Marketplace today. Already figured out how to true the wheel, and managed to sharpen a beater chisel and a block plane blade.   Never really had an issue sharpening blades before, but look forward to using this. 

I already have a VS bench grinder with a CBN wheel with the Wolverine jigs. I see that there is a Tormek jig that attaches to the Wolverine base. I would think that this would be a worthwhile jig to have. Would like to hear some thoughts on that.

I would also like to know what other Tormek owners wish they knew or figured out before they messed something up. I have all the instructions and pretty good at following them, however, I always seem to miss some small detail, and mess something up.
Only suggestion would be that you remove or at least loosen the wheel every once in a while. Stainless steel the axle may be, but my wheel's fused on so will ilkely have to replace the axle when I need a new wheel (I'll try drilling a couple holes in the nut when the time comes in case I can use my angle grinder spanner when the time comes, but not risking the wheel before then.)
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You could get that Mounting for the tools for your grinder, or you could do something like this. I did this quite some years ago and actually have used it very little over the years.
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Steve, thanks. Tried removing the nut and it was being stubborn. I was about to use the pliers, but decided to check youtube first. Learned the trick of rotating both wheels clockwise (against each other) to loosen that nut. Worked like a charm.

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