Shop Class, Fall of 1968
Today being a Monday...I think the Shop will be closed for the day...

One more Joint to do..then this Series will end....

Remember, this was just Freshmen in High School Shop Class doing these joints, and were only allowed to use Hand Tools...

Tomorrow, I might do a Road Trip to pick up a supply of "Good" wood...and try to decide what to  cobble up with 70 linear Ft. of Ash....

Box joints to end the Series...

Stay tuned...
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
You've been getting way ahead of me. I had an IA class in 5th grade for a semester and that was all. So all of my woodworking has been trial and error. When I can get some time from work and family obligations I plan to walk through these.
Results of the Road Trip, today..
Average length...about 5'....average width..~5-1/2"  and 4/4 thick...15 planks...$25....quarter sawn, 10 year old, Ash lumber...

Right ankle is keeping me out of the shop, today..
These are stacked up in the house, to get them used to the place....

When the ankle feels a bit better, I complete the Wood Joint Class series....unless there is another joint that a Freshman in High School would have been able to do...
Stay tuned...
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
14th and Final Joint in this series...
Box Joint..

First of the layouts....
What happens when you "pull" from both edges towards the center....either a HUGE finger, or..a Tiny sliver of a finger...then I adjusted things a bit...mainly with the Disston No.4 kind of blend the sizes a bit better

next..chisel work
goal is to leave a porch for support, chopping down about half way....this way, it prevents any chip-out, when I chop down from the other face..
Yes, that IS the Handyman No. 1252  chisel  Worked quite can then pare with a wider chisel where needed,,,just do not pare too much..
As that leads to gaps showing up...
Check for square...

Grade?   Thinking a "B+" ? 

And that concludes the Wood Joint Class series...unless you can think of any other joints a Freshman would be doing, with just hand tools?
Thanks for looking in..
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
There IS a type of Miter Joint....where you cut a tenon on one of the mitered ends,  then cut a groove to house the tenon on the other half of the mitered joint..then trim the end of the tenon flush...

Not sure of the "Proper" name for it....would be more for a door, than a corner joint....was from before people were either adding splines, or Bisquits...

I do have a bit of leftover Pine from this someone wants to see one made?
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
Sure, why not? There are doubtless plenty of folks who are learning things from you
here. Been enjoying this series myself. Bet I am not alone.
Mark Singleton

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