Knob for Veritas Skew Rabber Plane
The forum is incredibly slow. Is it like this generally? To get a little discussion/movement, here is an article I wrote a few years ago. It was brought to mind by a post on YouTube on the Veritas Skew Rabbet Plane where the woodworker was demonstrating its use.

The standard knob for the Veritas Skew Rabbet Plane is a tall affair. This is intended to be grasped when planing a rebate (picture on left), but some prefer to place a thumb on the plane body as the low centre of gravity affords more control (see picture on right) … 

[Image: VeritasSkewRabbetPlaneKnob_html_m4bd4eb4b.jpg]

I have taken this a step further and removed the knob altogether, as this provides less obstruction and a better position for the thumb …
[Image: VeritasSkewRabbetPlaneKnob_html_2fadae2e.jpg]

Here is the plane rebating a panel minus the front knob …

[Image: VeritasSkewRabbetPlaneKnob_html_m66fee880.jpg]

Then I got to thinking that the thumb position could be made more comfortable and secure with a better knob. The design for one comes from a block plane …

[Image: VeritasSkewRabbetPlaneKnob_html_m943c015.jpg]

The main difference is that the new knob is set lower on the plane than the typical knob for a block plane …

[Image: VeritasSkewRabbetPlaneKnob_html_38f305e1.jpg]

Making one was essentially modifying a brass knob (purchased on Banggood) on my wood lathe. The brass shapes well with wood lathe chisels. 

Cut the base off the brass knob to lower it as much as possible. Lower is better.

[Image: VeritasSkewRabbetPlaneKnob_html_m1aac6897.jpg]

[Image: VeritasSkewRabbetPlaneKnob_html_m2a979dea.jpg]
[Image: VeritasSkewRabbetPlaneKnob_html_m7d3c5666.jpg]

Regards from Perth


October 2022.
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I just want to compliment you on your photography skills, Derek...They are like your work... always first class...razor sharp and spot on!!!..We very seldom see photos of this quality...
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Get off my lawn !

Thanks Jack.

Nothing anyone else cannot do. I use my iPhone 11 with Photoshop Elements (cut down version of Photoshop) to crop and resize.

It's all in the wrist

Regards from Perth

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Hei Derek, Thanks for this.

I have that plane, but the few times I used it and hold it in the low position, I allways cut myself.

Pedder, I think a photo is needed!

I have used this plane from pre-production days, and the only time I cut myself was when I placed my hand near the blade corner. That was starting out, I do not do this now. Importantly, the wooden sub-fence acts to guard the blade from fresh.

[Image: 4391-DC54-C8-C0-484-C-A05-E-817-B9-CA4-D456.png]

Regards from Perth

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The wooden what?
Smile Ididn't make neor install that yet. 

That might be the reason.

Thank you again.

Cheers Pedder
Now, IF there was a way to use that on a Stanley No. the Sargent No.79 already has one , cast in place..
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that

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