Where did YOU learn....
Shop class in junior high, but didn't really do any woodworking until about 20 years ago. Inspired to re-engage by New Yankee Workshop, but WoodNet turned me on to hand tools. Learned a lot from this forum as well as attending various workshops (Woodworking in America, etc.), The Woodright's Shop (Roy Underhill), and various DVDs.
Still Learning,

Allan Hill
I come from a long line of carpenters/woodworkers, it's in my blood. My dad taught me some stuff. I subscribed to every woodworking magazine out there in the early 80's. I has shop in school, middle school and 4 years of high school. My professional career started in a museum shop, best experience I ever had.
I no longer build museums but don't want to change my name. My new job is a lot less stressful. Life is much better.

Dad worked for a sawmill so always had access to lumber, but not tools/ shop. Enjoyed HS woodshop, but at that time I was really more focused on 'other' interests. As I got older I became a big NYW fan and watched religiously every week, but still didn't have tools or shop space. After I bought my first house, started DIY projects and led to 'hey I can make that for myself' projects like bookcases, etc. and used this as an excuse to acquire tools. Besides Norm, read a lot of books/ magazines to 'learn' the craft (mid-90's era). Early 2000's found this forum (and other on-line sources). Dad is retired now but having easy access to cheap/ free lumber was a big push for me, especially in the beginning. And I wouldn't be a WW today if it wasn't for Norm making the projects seem attainable, but there have been a lot of other influences along the way.

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