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Double Router Top - ajkoontz - 06-30-2020

Figured out my double router top problem. https://forums.woodnet.net/showthread.php?tid=7351048

Now if I could only figure out posting a photo (EDIT: fixd).

RE: Double Router Top - stav - 06-30-2020

Looks like a winning solution.  I'm guessing the fences are not shown as you mentioned them in the other thread.

For the pics, I find taking everything landscape works best.  The forum auto rotates for this format so portrait pics are sideways.

RE: Double Router Top - Stwood_ - 06-30-2020

That looks kinda costly....

RE: Double Router Top - paul2004 - 06-30-2020

That came out great! I am sure you will enjoy using it.

RE: Double Router Top - ajkoontz - 06-30-2020

(06-30-2020, 12:02 PM)Stwood_ Wrote: That looks kinda costly....

It kinda was....

and that's not normally how I roll. But, this was incremental and the cost/ scope kinda got away from me. I honestly intended to put a CI router wing in my TS until I built a new single router top. I still wanted 2 routers in a table and after I got the first wing it hit me that I could put them back to back and have the double router table I always wanted. I just wanted to post because I've never seen this done and I thought I might be on to something. But you're right, I'll have more in this than I do my table saw when it's all done.

Fence is yet to come. I've got some 80/20 material that I intend to make a fence out of (80/20 also kinda costly).

RE: Double Router Top - Stwood_ - 06-30-2020

Looks good. Fully understand the cost kinda spiraling....... Uhoh 

And also understand the tablesaw mounted router. I installed one in my griz after making a huge, right side ex table for it. Bought another new, Rockler plate and set it all up.
I think I used it once, and found it was in the way if I left it there.
Then the plate hole caught about every piece of sheet good I ran across the table. Made a insert to cover the hole, and I've never set a router in it again.

RE: Double Router Top - Woodshop - 07-01-2020

I did two bench dogs . I also bought 6 plates 6 routers and 3 door profiles I can swap out and go. I also have a shaper for raised panels, it's a business


RE: Double Router Top - EightFingers - 07-03-2020

Bet that thing weighs a ton!
I had one of those mounted to a shaper and used a power feed to handle both. It was a real nice system.