Running ethernet cable
(11-25-2020, 10:26 AM)Wipedout Wrote: I would do it like Robert Adams said. Put the outlet in the wall 

I would run two just because you are already doing it -  I like having a backup or a second run.  Its cheap and easy

You can run it across the drop tiles without issue - just dont run it on top of light fixtures especially fluorescents

Only thing I would add to Robert's list is one of these on each end

Arlington Industries 1/4 in. - 1 in. Low Voltage Mounting Brackets-LV1-10 - The Home Depot

All of that is exactly what I've done, though I have some in close proximity and parallel to electrical cables due to space constraints.  Speeds seem to be more than adequate at 80Mbps, or whatever TWC is giving me at any given moment.  At least ten times what I actually need for any given equipment.  I don't lay the cables on the hung ceiling in the basement mainly because I have a U-staple gun, suitable for CAT5/6 cable, and it's neater to staple it up to the joists.

I also use LV brackets, but only on inside walls.  It's cold here in winter, so I use full boxes for outside walls.  

I also use a wall plate with 6 ports for the switch in my office utility room, and the same where the router is.  Makes a nice, clean installation, though you do need short pre-made jumpers between the wall plate and router or switch.

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For the price difference, i would absolutely run cat 6. 
Right now, you certainly won't notice a difference between this and cat 5... you'll get gigabit speeds easily with either.  But you know how technology changes so quickly... i'm sure 10gb speeds will become more standard very soon.  You might not need it, but if you're going thru all this work to fish the wires, might as well put something in that has a little bit of future, no?  I can't imagine it would cost more than 10-20 bux to upgrade to cat 6?  Totally worth it IMO.

(11-29-2020, 09:04 AM)Cdshakes Wrote:  i'm sure 10gb speeds will become more standard very soon.

It already is for commercial enterprise-class networks.  However, it's a long way away for residential, at least for the common folk.  We're still measuring internet connectivity in Mbps.

(11-30-2020, 04:32 PM)crokett™ Wrote: It already is for commercial enterprise-class networks.  However, it's a long way away for residential, at least for the common folk.  We're still measuring internet connectivity in Mbps.

what's "a long way away"?  a few years?  seems technology changes so quickly.  it's not like i suggested running fiber instead of cat5...
A (1000') box of cat 5 is $45 and a box of cat6 is around $120.  Beware of the cheap cat6 cable on Ebay and Amazon. It is not real cat6. If it's $50 a box it will be copper coated aluminum not actual copper wire. 

        Cat5e is rated for 1000mbs. Doesn't mean that's all you will get just what it is rated at. Few people have access to speeds over 1000mbs. If you do then you still might not see a difference anyway.Most of us won't see anything any faster until infrastructure is replaced.

         Good cat 6 will have a plastic + shaped piece in it that separates the four pairs of wires and it has shielding wrapped around the wires. The wire itself is exactly the same as any other wire it's just copper. It's the separation and shielding that makes the difference.

        I get my wire from a local supplier or Monoprice. A little more expensive than Amazon or ebay but you know you are getting real copper wire...
I just did this a few months ago, poor Wi-Fi at the other end of the house.  I decided to run more than 1 cable though, so hung some plastic PVC conduit and did a home run to a panel in the Basement next to my heating ducts. If I had used metal conduit, I could have grounded it for additional Shielding. I did have some issues getting the Cable to the back room through a wall.  I used half inch PEX to guide it the last few feet. This was a trick from Fine Home Building to run NM cable in a wall, it works great. Ended up leaving the EX in place to protect the Cat-5E. The connection is now hooked up to my Wi-Fi Router, via a small Patch Panel in my Basement.  I plan on adding circuits to all the Bedrooms now, as well. I am also running Coax shielded to all the bedrooms too. I tend to agree with Robert Adams about running just CAT5e. You can pick it up much cheaper.  The only other thing I would suggest is using a good shielded Coaxial quad shielded cable, I live near the Twin Cities in MN, recently I have been getting a lot of 5G interference on my Antenna Cables.  Dan

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