Small hand plane
Just dropped my Stanley #2 plane and the sole cracked at the mouth. No problem, I thought. Actually a big problem for me. Vintage #2 planes have skyrocketed sine I paid $80 for mine a few decades ago. Does anyone one currently make a #2? I can't find one.

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Doesn't woodriver make one?
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I am sorry for your loss.  I've looked recently for a modern #2 size.  While a couple manufacturers make them, none have stock nor an estimate on when they might have stock.  I bought a Vintage Stanley for $250.
It's all wood.
Did Lie-Nielsen make one? You might be able to pry one out of someone’s hands.
Lie-Nielsen used to make No. 1 and No. 2 bench planes, but not anymore. I have one of their No. 2's. It's a nice plane. Mine is manganese bronze. I don't think they ever made a cast iron one. WoodRiver (Woodcraft's Chinese brand) makes a No. 1 but not a No. 2. I also checked Kunz and Clifton. No number 2's. I think your best bet is to check eBay or post a WTB in S&S.
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Patrick Leach sells a new 601 Bedrock
You can try that is where I got mine.  Prices are generally better than eBay and the members more, uh, reliable.
It's all wood.
Find the right welder (of which there are darned few), and that's repairable.  One part of the trick is to clamp the sole to a true flat surface both sides of the crack.  It won't be pretty, but it's not pretty now.
Bob Kuane?  Maybe see IF he has a #2 base casting?
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
RBohn, shoot me a PM (doesn't look like you have PMs turned on). I have a Stanley #2 that I'm willing to part with, if you're interested.


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