7 for a dollar
Yard sale find....was sitting in a box on a Hay wagon...
Asked about a price for the handful....."$1"    Just happened to have four Quarters in my hand...sold!

A 1/4" handle-less chisel was way too far gone, rust-wise...tossed that out...the remaining 6?
Cleaned up fairly nicely...Turnscrew's handle had a split, glued that back together...
Knife from C. Harrington...and a Buck Brothers 1/4" chisel....Turnscrew has a very faint oval logo on the blade..
Screwdriver tip ( #10?) for a brace drill...a shop-made skew chisel, and a North Brothers No. 11 ( with patent date!)  Ratcheting screwdriver.

A "6 Pack" for a dollar?
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
Never heard the term "turnscrew" as an actual thing. I just thought that was a regional way to refer to a screwdriver.  Found one that looks like that big fellow going for $21 by itself here.  https://vintagetoolshop.com/collections/...edge-45038
(09-19-2022, 12:31 PM)stav Wrote: Never heard the term "turnscrew" as an actual thing.

British terminology, and most often applied to that style of screwdriver.

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