Water Heater Problem
(11-03-2022, 10:23 AM)crokett™ Wrote: I watched a video yesterday of a guy who changed the elements without draining the tank.  He explained why it worked, which is about what I thought would happen as to why it would work.  He shut the water off at the heater, then opened the hot side of a tap to relieve the pressure, then closed the tap.  Since it's a closed system after he pulled the old element out little to no water came out.  that is about what I would expect.    Is there a reason I should drain the tank, other than to get any possible sediment out?

Let us know how that worked out.    I understand the the reasoning but be prepared for some water. Roly
(11-03-2022, 10:30 AM)Roly Wrote: Let us know how that worked out.    I understand the the reasoning but be prepared for some water.  Roly

Well in the video he has a small bucket and a spout he made from a soda bottle.    He specifically takes the lower element out with the tap open, then has someone shut the tap and the water slows to a trickle to show you the difference.  So I expect there to be a bit of water, but not a lot (assuming there are no leaks in the system).   The water is only coming out for the time it takes to pull out the old element and put the other one in.

I couldn't find anything wrong. The thermostats both tested ok. The existing elements both test to 12.8 ohms. the new elements are at 13 so I figured that was acceptable. The tank felt hot both top and bottom around the openings for the elements and thermostats. I think the real problem is a perception problem and I can't really fix those. While I am there, I am draining it to flush it out. I figure that shows I am doing something, and it needs it anyway. I also said we could have a plumber come check if she wanted. We will probably end up putting a 2nd water heater in for the 2nd bathroom and the one upstairs.


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