Grizzly G0513ANV vs G0513X2 bandsaw
  Re: Grizzly G0513ANV vs G0513X2 bandsaw by dickE (I need help on decid...)
A couple years ago I bought the 513X2, love it and wish I had sprung for the few extra $ for the "X2F" foot brake option. With the CI wheels mine took around 30 seconds to spin down. The saw is so quiet that with ear muffs on you have no clue the blade is still spinning.

Good luck!

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(09-28-2016, 01:24 PM)packerguy® Wrote: Ill never buy a BS with anything but CI wheels.

So you are saying you wouldn't have a big old Oliver, Yates American or Northfield?  I assume you mean a "small bandsaw" since many of the best large bandsaws ever made did not have CI wheels.  The 20" Delta 28-350 (while a comparative light weight compared to the above saws) and its prodgeny had aluminum wheels and is twice the bandsaw a Grizzly 513 is.  

In this case I think the 513X2 is worth the move, mainly for the easier to adjust guides and the beefier CI trunnion.
  Re: Grizzly G0513ANV vs G0513X2 bandsaw by dickE (I need help on decid...)
I'm very unimpressed with Grizzly's steel trunnion, but the cast iron one seems to work fine. I've never used Grizzly's Euro guides, but the ball bearing guides work fine and are fairly easy to adjust. I wouldn't recommend ball bearing guides if you plan to cut a lot of green or resinous woods. The x2 fence is pretty nice. I've never used the other fence, so I can't compare. I don't know if it really matters if the wheels are aluminum or cast iron. The cast iron wheels weigh more, though, so they will take longer to spin to a stop when you turn of the saw, so I would recommend getting a saw with a brake if it has the CI wheels. 

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  Re: Grizzly G0513ANV vs G0513X2 bandsaw by dickE (I need help on decid...)
I have the 513X2BF, which also has a brake foot. I found the ball bearing guides easy to adjust (I also have a Jet 14", with ball bearing guides, which are not as easy). I love the fence, he smoothness of he saw and so forth. Table adjusts easy, locks down tightly.

Problem I had was the magnetic starter was bad out of my the box. It was replaced at no cost, but I had to pay an electrician to go over the wiring to make sure another issue wasn't the culprit. That added roughly $120 to the cost of the saw (problem was the starter, and if I remember correctly, something actually melted dowm inside the box).
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  Re: Grizzly G0513ANV vs G0513X2 bandsaw by dickE (I need help on decid...)
Thanks to everyone for their suggestions.

mbg - didn't notice this, but you're right, the G0513X2 has a much bigger table (23 5/8 x 17 1/4) compared to G0513ANV (17x17)

Several of you suggested the G0514X2, but at $1625 it's hard to justify spending that much when I haven't done any real woodworking project since 2008.  I gave the G0514X at $1475 some thought, but decided against it for the following reasons:

      1) doesn't have cast iron trunnions, which according to most of you guys, affects the saw's performance
      2)  the crate is 85" in height and my double garage door opening is a standard 84", so the delivery guy will not be able to bring it into my garage
      3)  weighs 383 lbs (compared to 266lb for G0513ANV and 325lbs for G0513X2), so I'm going to have a very difficult time getting it onto the mobile base
       4) cost an additional $580 over the G0513ANV895;  for $580, i can probably get another stationary tool

None of my stationary power tools have a break so I doubt I'll need one, so this rules out the G0513X2BF at $1375 ($250 more than G0513X2)

Based on all the feedback, the upgrades (cast iron wheels, cast iron trunnions, ball bearing blade guides, bigger table, and most importantly the cast iron fence with resaw fence) are worth the extra $230, so I'll get the G0513X2.

Is the Shop Fox G7314Z - Heavy-Duty Mobile Base at $75 a good mobile base for this bandsaw?

What brand of blades would you recommend for this bandsaw?   I've only used Timberwolf blades, and while initially very sharp, becomes very dull after cutting a little bit of aluminum.

A couple of threads down someone posted a Grizzly coupon for 10% off (I tried to use it, and it didn't work).  Does anyone have a grizzly coupon code that they won't be using?  

Can the cast iron wheels, cast iron trunnions, and motor be easily removed (I'm assuming the cast iron table can)?  I need to remove as much weight as possible so the bandsaw can be lifted onto the mobile base.
  Re: Grizzly G0513ANV vs G0513X2 bandsaw by dickE (I need help on decid...)
Wheels are easily removed. As is the trunnion but that won't save you enough weight to matter imo. I put my 514x2 onto and off its mobile base by myself a few times, and as you noted, it's heavier than what you ordered so you ought to be perfectly fine - I'm hardly a weightlifter

Order you some blades ahead of time. The one they came with mine was worthless. Worthless.

Edit- just noticed you asked about the motor too. I don't think it's easily removed. It can be taken off but I would say it's easy.

  Re: RE: Grizzly G0513ANV vs G0513X2 bandsaw by dickE (Thanks to everyone f...)
You could easily get an 85" crate under your 84" door by propping it open.  Worked for me.  I put a 620 lb G0636 onto a mobile base with just my wife to help.  It's simple and easily accomplished; tip the machine, slide in one half of the base, tip the other way and slide in the other half.  The ShopFox base I put on my saw was well built and it rolls easily; I would buy it again. 

A brake is a BIG deal.  I think you will regret not getting it with one if the saw has cast iron wheels.  My saw will spin for well over a minute if I don't step on the brake.  That's pretty scary when the guides are raised up 12".  

Blades?  Olson MVP or Lennox Diemaster II bimetail blades are both good, IMO.  Starrett blades work very well, too.  Whatever Grizzly claims the max. blade width is for your saw, I would not buy one that wide; it probably can't tension it adequately.  I would go one width narrower.  So if they say you can use a 1" blade, don't go any wider than 3/4".  With full tension for that width it will but better and last longer. 

  Re: Grizzly G0513ANV vs G0513X2 bandsaw by dickE (I need help on decid...)
To add to what John said. If you go with the maximum published width not only is it doubtful thebsaw will tension it but you will lose your mind getting it on the saw. I have a 1.25" (I think) blade for mine and although it'll cut like nobody's business it takes me all the patience I can muster to install it.

  Re: RE: Grizzly G0513ANV vs G0513X2 bandsaw by jteneyck (You could easily get...)
Can't I just shove a piece of scrap wood into the blade to stop it.   Ok, you've convinced me to get a brake.  

Thought about the G0514 again.  The G0514X2 has all the critical features, but at $1625, it's $600 more than I had originally planned on spending.  G0514X is on sale at $1475, but doesn't have a brake, and is out of stock.  G0514XF at $1525 has a brake, but trunnions are only steel. 

Eventually I got a headache thinking about all this, and I had to get back to work, so I finally placed an order yesterday on the G0513X2F.  It's $150 more than the G0513X2.    It doesn't have a motor brake, only a manual brake, but it was the cheapest of the 3 G0513s with brakes.   I used a 10% coupon Grizzly sent me the day before, so in a way, the brake upgrade was free.   

Based on WaterlooMarc, and your advice, I'll get a 3/4" blade (spec says max blade size is 1") since I'll be doing mostly straight cuts I think.   I'll look into those brands you mentioned. 

Thanks again for all the advice.
  Re: RE: Grizzly G0513ANV vs G0513X2 bandsaw by dickE (Can't I just shove a...)
The motor brake involves more electronics.  The manual brake is, well, manual, which means there's less to go wrong and is the better choice, IMO.  Enjoy your new saw. 


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